Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

On Christmas it was about 8 weeks since my last period. I have learned that there are many different ways to calculate where you are in your pregnancy. Either from the last period or the the day of conception. To make my life simple I am going to write based on my last period.

This year was Christmas in Duncanville at my Aunt's house. It was great and I enjoyed every minute of it. Even the barfing after lunch was welcomed. :) For the first time in my life I think that I finally felt what it was like to have presents given to me but in reality for someone else. I think all in all Clay and I ended up with 15 baby outfits and 6 bibs for the baby. They are all so cute and I can't wait to put our baby in them. I also got a lot of pregnancy books that are full of great information. We got our first packages of diapers and wipes and much much more. I know what you are are only eight weeks...why all the stuff. Well that is the greatness of having family so excited about you being knocked up. They want to spoil the child before we even know if it is going to be a boy or a girl. Fine by me:)

My husband gave me the best gift of all; well in my opinion. I opened up a box to find a cute little Ty Monkey with a Maternity Motherhood giftcard. It also had some lotion to help prevent the dreadful stretchmarks. When I saw the cute little monkey I just started crying. It was such a sweet, soft, and loving gift. I could just see him in the store purchasing it all as a proud father to be. I love my husband so much and I truly think I am the luckiest girl in the world....but like I said; my opinion.

Speaking of boy or girl we did decide on some names to consider. So far they are the only names that Clay and I have agreed on. For a girl we are thinking about Violet Elaine Coleman. We both love Violet and Elaine was my late mother's middle name. For a boy we are thinking Weldon Wayne Coleman. Weldon is his late grandfather's name and Wayne is my grandfather's name. Both are men we adored.

I thoroughly enjoyed the holidays this year and can't wait to have our little baby with us at the next Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008


So I am convinced the spawn of Satan is inside of me and that is what is causing me to be so sick all the time. I wake up in the morning and try to eat and then back up it comes. I do okay during the day at work because I graze on crackers all day. I swear my hands are going to swell because of the salt in the saltines. You know the saying Diamonds are a girl's best friend...screw that; it is really saltines.

I have not had any vomit scenes in my car; but I have started keeping a bag just in case Satan decides to punish me. Maybe because I have chose the wrong song on the radio or I am driving to slow. By the time I get home in the evenings exhausted and ready to lay down for a brief nap; I get sick which then takes the excitement out of relaxation. I eat dinner and then usually take shower; but then dinner comes up typically before or after the evening bath. Now getting sick has not really ever bothered me but to be like this for two solid weeks and starting to take a toll on my body.

I was able to wear a skirt yesterday I had not been able to fit into; so that is a plus. Clay has been such a trooper with my mood swings and the constant sickness. I could not ask for a better cheerleader. I go from wanting him near me all the time to the evil Ashley screaming...JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. That will make a man want to hug and kiss you.

I am keeping a positive attitude and my eye on the prize...a cute little baby by August. So I guess if I have to have all this bad stuff at least I know I will be blessed with an angel very soon.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

6.5 Weeks--Saw the Pulse

So yesterday Clay and I went in for what was to be considered our first true OB work up appointment. While we were there we got to see the pulse of our baby that is only a quarter inch in size. FREAKY!!! The screen was moving and I could not believe that I have something alive inside of me.

The doctor told us about all the screenings we will need to be thinking about over the months to come and things we can do to help us prepare for the baby. You should have seen our faces...we were like deer in headlights not knowing what to think.

The doctor gives you alot of information at this first appointment for you to have as leisurely reading. Well I am sorry but seeing a picture of a women giving vaginal birth is not leisurely reading to me. I was in complete panic mode last night and after Clay saw it he was too. One of our doctors in the groups, Dr. Thurston, wrote the book, 1000 Questions About Your Pregnancy. Every question I could think of was in there. It is a great book and the format is super easy to follow. I highly recommend it to anyone that is expecting and you can get it on

It is funny that we are not afraid of being parents...but the process of getting from the 1st to the last month is just so weird to us. Learning the development of a baby and when it will grow its arms, eyes, nails, and other body parts just seems so odd to us.

It was good having Clay with me yesterday and seeing his smile as he looked at the printout picture of our future little baby. It will definitely be a journey and I think it really sunk in for the both of us yesterday.
Our next appointment will be at 10.5 weeks and we are praying for smooth sailing until then.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


So telling me friends that I am expecting was a very important thing to me. If you have been hanging out with me over the past year you will know I have gotten this creative bug. Maybe in a weird way I was gearing myself up subconsciously to be a mom. I mean aren't moms supposed to be able to make crafts with their kids and cute sandwiches in various shapes.

Well I have always enjoyed a good good glass of Malbec wine from Argentina. So at my DHS Christmas party this year we did a wine exchange. I had yet to tell the group and wondered how I would when it would be obvious I was not drinking. Then the craft bug hit me...I will make my own wine label to announce the joyous news. So off I went creating something witty to bring to the party.

My plan was to have the wine exchange first because I really wanted everyone to drink from the bottle I brought. They bought that off we were opening a bottle at a time and talking about the wines choices we had made. Then my bag reached the arms of my friend Melissa. I was so nervous and excited to let everyone know. She opened the bag and pulled out the bottle and made this face. (That Face) I think it was a bit of confusion but what seemed like an eternity she turned to me and said your pregnant. It was one of the best feelings ever since I found the news out for myself. (Isn't the bottle super cute)

This began my reflection on how wonderful of a support system I have. I have known these individuals since I was in 6th grade and here I am sharing the most exciting news that could happen to me. I think we are truly the luckiest group of friends ever!

Then a few days after the wine event; I got another sweet surprise. My first Mother-to-Be card. My dear friend Alicia took the time to send me the nicest note and it just made me ball like a baby. It is funny because everyone that I have told I am pregnant; they ask are you telling people. Well DUH, I just told you...and yes I am going to tell everyone. This is a moment in my life that no matter how it turns out good or bad...I am glad to have my friends be with me every step of the way. So thank you to all that have given Clay such wonderful support; we love you all dearly.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Family Support

So a new to thing to me is that now that I am pregnant, everyone wants to know how I am doing. This I find to be very flattering. It is amazing the people you hear from that you may not have regularly communicated with before when they hear you are expecting.

So now my new task is to figure out how to keep everyone as up to date as possible and at the same time. I am thinking mass emails. We are now in the age of technology; hence blogging, so why not email your doctor updates, your symptoms, and just your general feelings about your experience to all who cares. Does this make me less personable to the individuals who want to know. I just can't imagine calling everyone every single time I have something come up during my pregnancy. Does anyone out there have any other ideas?

So my husband is really getting into the baby thing. The other night he came home with his first baby item. Of course it was from the store Hot Topic, a rock and roll store, and had a skull on it. But I have to admit...SUPER CUTE. It is a black hoody for a 12 month old. It will be perfect for our child next winter and will be cute on either a boy or a girl. I must say I am very impressed with him and watching his excitement is so rewarding to me.
So everyone that knows me understands that I am an open book. So I am sure that my friends are not surprised that even though I am coming into only my 7th week...I am telling everyone I know that I am pregnant. I know some women choose to keep this information to themselves due to the risk of miscarriages; but I can't resist. I feel confident to say that if something should go wrong in my pregnancy I will want all the support I can get. So I am asking everyone that reads my post to keep me and my family in your prayers.
I am going to the doctor on Monday for my follow up visit from finding the cyst on my ovary earlier this I will do my best to give a prompt update on how it all goes. I am also hoping I will be able to hear the baby's heartbeat, however it may still be too early. Wish me Luck!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

So today I am 6 weeks pregnant. (I took three test...this is a picture of the last one) What a journey to get to this point. For the longest time I did not see myself wanting to be a mother. I think my closest friends who know my family history can understand my reservations on reproduction. (I still sometimes shiver at the thought) Then there was Clay. My devoted amazing husband that the minute I met him I knew he was the one. It did not take long for me to also realize that I wanted him to be the father of my children. So this meant I would have to be a mom to make that happen.

Well so I always had that fear of getting pregnant when I was younger. I would take the pill and then pray to God that I was not going to be knocked up. However, I have quickly realized that it is not that easy to get pregnant for some. So all those years I spent money on birth control when in reality I could have been shopping for shoes.

So with the science as a new option for motherhood, Clay and I decided to embark in the adventures of Clomid. Who knew that there was a pill out there that could actually assist you in ovulation. CRAZY!!! Well of course it did not work the first try and I was not able to take it my second month. This silly pill also creates LARGE cyst in on your ovaries as a side effect and my body could not physically do another round so fast.

I went back to the doctor for the 3rd month in hopes that I would be cleared to take the drug again. I was and sure enough that month we had two lines on that stick you have to pee on. I almost fell off the toilet in excitement. I could not believe that after a year of trying our time was finally here.

Then it hit...I am going to be a mom, your going to be a father; we were both terrified. It did not take long for us to be overwhelmed with joy and forget how frighten we both were.

So here I am 6 weeks pregnant and already have one small picture of the zygote that is developing inside my uterus. I can't believe it is real and sometimes I wake up wondering if I have been in a long dream. Much to my delight the vomit hits (this is sarcasm) and I soon again realize it is happening and we could not be happier.