Wednesday, December 9, 2009

5 Months Old

Today my little boy turned 5 months old. I just can't believe how the time has flown by. I still remember the night that we had the random hail storm and all of sudden my water broke. I had no idea that in less than 6 hours I would have Owen King in my life.

Since Owen was born he has grown leaps and bounds. If you remember he weighed in at 5lbs and 15oz. He went home wearing newborn diapers and preemie clothes. Today he weighs close to 17 lbs+ and is wearing level 3 diapers. Let's just say he has really filled out.

I was able to breast feed Owen for 4.5 months. Then my son got his first two teeth and mommy said NO MORE!! (and ouch) Owen loves to have his bottle and twice a day he eats solid foods with his formula. His favorites are pears and peas. Tonight he ate a whole Gerber serving of peas and 4 oz of formula...CHUNKY MONKEY!!!

Owen loves to laugh out loud, roll over, hang upside down, take pictures, and visit his family. We have seen Owen show the best side of his personality and the worst side of his personality. Clay and I have been truly blessed with how wonderful of a baby Owen truly is.

We could not be happier and more proud of our son. Thank you all for your support...can't wait to share what he is doing at 6 months.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Finally, my first big holiday that I get to celebrate. I may be only 4.5 months old but I know when good food is within my reach. My Thanksgiving celebrated started by mommy and me going to stay with my Nana on Wednesday night. They cooked and cooked and it looked like fun...however, I was more interested in what was on Nickjr.

We all woke up on Thursday and I could hardly wait to get to sit at the big Thanksgiving table that my Nana had decorated. She even made sure I had my own placemate and highchair at the head of the table. I was feeling pretty special.

I had my own Thanksgiving outfit that my mommy had picked out for me. She even made me my very first Turkey hand:)

Nana made the biggest turkey I had ever seen...however, I was eating
squash and formula for my fest.

After we ate everyone wanted to hold me. It was great to get all the attention.



By the time I had reached my GG's lap, I was tuckered out. It was a great first Thanksgiving and I am so happy that my mom and Nana made it so special for me.

Oh yeah...I forgot to tell you that my Daddy was in College Station watching the Aggies play Texas. I really wanted to go too..but I had a cold that week. I saved daddy some of my squash:) Him and I texted back and forth all day long...I love my daddy!

Friday, December 4, 2009

That silly itch...

Today I was laying on my big pansy blanket watching some TV on my belly. (my mom thinks even though I am a boy someday I could still be a member of tri delta. Um No!) I just love the way that soft blanket feels on my cheeks while I lay there and how it absorbs my puddles of drool. Heaven I tell you, just heaven.

Then out of nowhere I got an itch on my toe and realized I could not reach it in the position I was in. I thought for a moment if I should cry for mom. I could hear her behind me but I knew she wanted some quite time. She had been working hard all day and always does such a good job taking care of me. So I thought if I don't cry for assistance what else can I do to make the silly itch stop.

Then it hit me. I could roll over onto my back and reach down and scratch my toe. However, this is a feat I had not yet accomplished. Was today the day I would be able to. I had to give it a try in order to respect mommy's quite time and eliminate the silly itch on my toe.

So I pushed up with all my might. I had my arms extended out below me and my head and chest lifted high. I slowly leaned my head over to the right and started to fall towards my right side. I could tell that if I just pushed a little harder with my left hand and swung my left foot towards the right...I just might...wait wait. I DID!!! I rolled over. Now come here you silly itch.

Then all of a sudden, I heard a burst of screams coming from my mom. Oh, no I interuppted her quite time. As I lay there on my back scratching my toe, I saw her jump up and down and heard her scream for joy!! She even pulled out her phone and called my daddy. She kept telling him how proud she was of me and how she had to find the video camera. I guess this roll over business is a big deal to parents. I just really wanted to eliminate that pesky itch on my toe. AND I DID!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Owen is going to take a BITE out of crime....

Or at least my nipple. Yep, you read that right. Owen bit me while feeding. Then to my surprise we discovered the reason. Our little boy has his two bottom front teeth.

When did this happen...I mean it must have been over night. He did not even act much different leading up to the discovery. Aren't the children supposed to run fever, be cranky/terror during this process? Plus, aren't you suppose to be closer to 8 months when you get your chompers? Well my son decided he was tired of the boob and wanted to started working on real food. (mush in a jar) So he set a goal for himself (forgot to mention it to mommy) to cut teeth early and he succeeded. (he gets that goal setting quality from his daddy).

With his new pearly whites in place (gappy too) we have graduated to eating pears, sweet potatoes, rice cereal and formula. Am I sad that he no longer will be breast feeding? Um no! I have learned that juggling working full time and either feeding or pumping is very very time consuming. Will he be at a disadvantage? Um no, he is still getting really good nutrients from the formula and he is eating fruits and vegetables...sounds pretty good to me. Will I miss the bonding time? Um no! I mean I will still have to hold my son close to me and put a bottle in his mouth and stare into his eyes and tell him how much I love him. I am experiencing a new growing step with him while he learns to eat off the spoon. Which is soo cute.

This is a milestone that I am very happy happened. However, we must address the situation of what is known as "drying out". Can we say PAINFUL. I am not a fan of this part of the process but rumor has it that once you stop breast feeding you will dry up and your boobs will shrink to nothing. (Please God I pray for this) Every morning I have stood in front of the mirror looking and hoping that this would be the case for me. However, I don't think this rumor applies to the girls that have the 36H size chest after giving birth. I figure if I am lucky I might get down to a 36DD. (reduction here I come)

I still can get over looking into his mouth every time he laughs and seeing those two little white teeth shining back up at me. I wonder what he will do to amaze me next. Maybe he will finally learn how to roll over.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Daddy has an Ouchie

The other day my daddy came home with a big boot on his foot. Mommy told me that Daddy had an ouchie and would have to be in this boot for about 8 weeks. He looked so sad and depressed. I started to think about what makes me happy when I am sad...and it came so clearly to me in less than a second; my best friend Camel Stick!!!

Ode to Camel Stick

Whenever I feel sad or feel sick
I can always count on Camel Stick

He cheers me up when I am blue
He is my best friend through and through

He laughs, plays, and sleeps with me
Camel Stick makes me so happy

Thank you Camel Stick for all that you do
My Daddy has an Ouchie, can he hold you too?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Look Mom! I have a Doughnut on my Head

Bath time is such a joy for both Owen and I. I just love that he has embrassed the idea of having fun in the tub and allowing mommy to wash him good and clean from his head to his toes.

Last night's bath was a blast because he discovered that kicking as hard as he could would make big splashes in the tub. So we just kicked and kicked until we had little wrinkly fingers.

It's these moments that I thank God that I am able to be a mother. The joy I feel in my heart can not be expressed into words. Owen is growing so fast and each day I see him discover something new that he can do.

His newest trick is taking his own bottle and trying to put it in his mouth. It is so funny because he usually misses and ends up poking his eye with the nipple. HEHEHE

So if you were having a down day...I hope this picture of Owen brings a SMILE to your face!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Then & Now

It seems as only yesterday Owen was just 6 weeks old and we were still getting use to each other. He was adjusting to sleeping at night and mommy was adjusting to NOT sleeping at night. Owen at that time was eating every three hours and sleeping alot in between. Yet, it still just seems like yesterday my little baby boy looked like this:

Owen is now 4 months old and it seems he is growing up way too fast. He is now sleeping through the night, still eating every three hours but is starting to eat rice cereal too:) He smiles all the time, his laugh is contagious, and he has discovered Nick Jr. Now as a 4 month old this is what is staring back at me:

Can you see the difference from THEN to NOW...he is getting so big!!! However, there is one consistent thing in both boy has YET to grow some hair.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Owen's Vision

So yesterday was Celebration at Tri Delta's Executive Office. We have this wonderful event once a month and Owen loves to attend. This is his chance to see all of mommy's wonderful co-workers and sisters.

This month's theme was a Pie Contest (or dessert). As soon as Owen heard of the theme he was ready to join in on the fun. So Owen and I headed out to the grocery store on Tuesday night to decide what it was he was going to make for his entry. Here is how the journey went:

Owen: Mom, I want to make cupcakes

Mom: Okay, what flavor would you like to do?

Owen: I want to make Kitty Kat Kupcakes

Mom: (in her head, "Oh Lord, I don't know how to make that) Okay honey let's see what all we need to get. Here is a box of Chocolate mix Owen.

Owen: YUM!!! Can the Kittens be orange mommy?

Mom: Of course honey..(in her head, "How the hell do I make orange icing)

Owen: Will they have whiskers too?

Mom: That is the only way to make them. (in her head, "how did I get myself into this...I don't even like to cook)

Mom: Owen, we have a bit of a problem...we can only make 12 cupcakes due to the holder mommy has. That will leave a lot of batter left? Maybe we should just do a large cake?

Owen: Duh Mommy...we are going to have a mommy cat and her kitten kupcakes.

Mom: How silly of are so right.

So off we went back to the house to work on Owen's entry. Here is what he came up with. I must say I am very impressed with my son's vision and even more impressed that mommy actually was able to pull this off. It is official...I am becoming THAT MOM where everything I do needs to have a cute twist to it. (in my head "I am loving it)

The Power of a Smile

It is amazing that now matter how tired I am, frustrated, anxious, and just down right burned out in this mothering son can always bring me back to reality by the "Power of a Smile." Owen has this special way of making Daddy and I forget all our worries for the day and stop to think about how lucky we truly are and how blessed our life is.

I got a call this morning from Clay and he told me about his recent experience with the "Power of a Smile". He told me he snuck into the nursery when he was leaving for work to say good bye, assuming Owen was still asleep. To his great suprise he found Owen lightly stirring with his eyes BARELY cracked...but when he saw Daddy, Clay said his face lit up and he gave his Daddy a BIG I LOVE YOU SMILE. This made Clay's heart melt and it made mine to hear Clay tell me how he loved the feeling it gave him.

Here are a few pics that Clay caught of Owen in mid laugh/smile. I hope it lifts your spirits as much as it does ours!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our First Cold

I was in the office on Tuesday when I got the call...Clay called to tell me he thought Owen was sick.

I wanted to pick up my things and head out right then and there to rush home to be with my boy. How could he be sick? What does he have? Is it the swine flu? All of the worse case scenarios were flooding my brain...I had just gotten the call :30 seconds ago and already I was in panic mode.

When I got home Owen was coughing and severely congested. We started doing saline in his nose and checking his temperature. He was normal. Maybe it was just bad allergies from going to the park. (Lord knows Mommy's were bad)

We got him to bed and things seem to be okay even though I was still a bit uneasy about my son being sick. Then in the middle of the night around 3am, Clay and I were awoken to the sound of our son chocking. TOTALLY freaked me out. Owen was chocking on his own drainage. We did a full assessment to determine he was okay and were able to get him back to sleep.

He awoke at his normal time, 6am for his first morning feeding. He seemed to just be very congested but everything else was good. He even fell asleep after eating and seemed to be dreaming peacefully until around 9am. Then I noticed he was REALLY tired and his cheeks were REALLY red. I felt his head and it was warm. That panic mode kicked in again. I immediately ran for the thermometer to find out that he had a 100.5 temp. My little boy was really sick. I was on the phone with the doctor in less than a minute to get him in for a check up.

We get to the doctor and my son sees his favorite nurse, Granny Pam, and begins smiling and laughing. I love that even though he does not feel good he still recognizes the people in his life that make him feel special. The doctor told us that it was just a BAD cold and he should be fine by the weekend. Of course in my head I keep thinking...are you sure? Not the flu? shouldn't you give us a RX to make him feel better?

I tell you what...I think that it is more exhausting on the parents when their child is sick. It was truly a test for me to see how I would react. I will say in the past 24 hours I have felt: panic, stress, heartbreak, helplessness, doubtfulness, and fear.

Owen is almost 4 months old and this is his first time to be sick...I hope it gets easier on mommy as the time goes by.

A Day at the Park

So this past Sunday we took Owen to the park to have a picnic with his grandma. Owen loves to be outside and he laughed and smiled the whole time. Of course he was scared of the bugs just like his mommy:) Here are some pics from the day...

We also attended the Taste Of Greenville and met up with our favorite new parent's couple; The Hounsels. Here is a picture of Owen one of his favorite outfits that his cousin Sheila had specially made for him. Too cute!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bath Time is Fun

So every other night Owen and I laugh and smile during his bath time. He just loves being in the water and loves kicking his little fat legs to make splashes. He gets a full scrubbing from head to toe.

I thought that I would share some of the fun times we have together with all of my readers. Isn't he just adorable:)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3 Year Anniversary

Today is our wedding anniversary of three years. I still remember the day that I met Clay at his home during a Halloween party. Little did I know that the guy that was playing hostess and opening his home to his friends would later be my husband.

What a journey we have had together. We started dating in October of 2003 when I was just merely 23 years old and he was a 33 year old man. CRAZY...I am sure people thought it would never work because of our age difference. Well we have proven them wrong and fall more and more in love with each other everyday.

Clay has been such a support to me over the past 6 years that I could not ask for a better man in my life. He has also given me a beautiful son and is an amazing father. Everyday I look at him in aww with adoration of how thoughtful, intelligent, caring, and adorable he is.

I know that three years is nothing when you look at the long haul for marriage. We know that we still have many many years of hard work and dedication to one another. I have no doubt that we will someday be sitting together reminiscing about the past 50 years that we have been together and still have a smile upon our faces.

Clay-Thank you for all you do for me. Thank you for making me a better person inside and out. Thank you for believing in me and pushing me to reach my goals and dreams. Thank you for loving my family unconditionally, Thank you for being an awesome father to Owen. Most of all...Thank you for being you!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Every Baby Has One


Here is Owen baring all in the buff. He is so cute that I could not resist to get a few pictures of him with no clothes on. He is going to kill me later in life.
**All photos are the property of Ashley Coleman. No image
may be copied, reproduced, transmitted or stored in any form**

Friday, October 16, 2009

Breast Reduction

So yesterday I went for a consult about having a breast reduction. I have been very large chested since I was in 6th grade and on of my guy friends would call me Himalayas (you know the GIGANTIC mountains). At that time I was measuring at a C cup. In 6th grade....CRAZY.

So Clay and I made the appointment to learn more about what the procedure would entail and if it would be an option for us at this time. I mean I am a new mom and I don't want to do anything that would take me away from my responsibilities with Owen.

I was amazed to learn that the recovery is only 4-6 weeks and most people return to work in less than 4 days. Of course I would have to be very careful with lifting and that would be the main concern with Owen.

When we met with the doctor it was a very interesting feeling. I mean we are sitting in a room and talking about my breast. I felt like all eyes were on them the ENTIRE time and I was still fully clothed.

Then the unveiling came...and of course the first words out of the doctors mouth were, "Well you definitely have some large breast". So needless to say I am a good candidate for the procedure. We are thinking that I would be reduced to a full B cup. I can't even remember when I was ever a B cup. I would be in heaven.

I can't wait for the chance to wear a button up shirt that does not gap and show my bra. Or be able to run with only one sports bra or heck even be able to run at all. I dream of the day when i don't wake up with chronic neck and back pain from the extra weight I have been carrying around. I also can't wait to just feel better about my self image in general.

I know that girls that are smaller chested wish for the opportunity for larger breast but there are some downfalls to having that wish. You look fatter than you really are because the breast stick out so much. UGH and let's not forget the uncomfortable feeling standing in front of a large group of individuals in a strapless gown as you watch your best friends get married. Those are the things that suck about it.

So after our meeting we learned that the cost for the procedure would be around $6500. We have also learned that insurance will not cover the procedure but we are trying to learn more about a potential appeal process.

Do you think it would be tacky for me to ask for visa gift cards for Christmas to go towards the surgery...just a thought:) :)

So in closing:

Do your breast hang low
Do they wobble to and fro
Can you tie them in a not
Can you tie them in a bow
Can you throw them over your shoulder
Like a continental soldier
Do your breast hang low.....HELL YES!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big O Meets Big Tex

So Clay and I got the crazy idea of taking Owen to the State Fair. I mean it is an icon here in our city/state. We chose to go when it would not be super overcast potential rainy day. The weather could not have been better. We bundled him up in long sleeves, pants, socks, and a hooded jacket. SUPER CUTE and headed out.

We had to park a ways from the fair entrance and ride the trolly. So Owen had a good old time while the wind blew through his hair...okay his strings of something growing back there. He loved it.

We did the rounds at the fair grounds. We saw all the exhibits and ate some good food. Then the time we had been waiting for...the big introduction!!!

Howdy Owen, Welcome to the State Fair of Texas

We were proud parents to know we had just shared a wonderful Texas tradition with our son. I can't wait till he can eat corn dogs with his mom and all the other fun fried foods.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Alicia's Wedding

This weekend was the wedding of my dear friend Alicia. I have to admit I was a little nervous getting up in front of 150 guest in a strapless gown only 3 months after having a baby. I have not had a chance to really work out for many reasons...maybe they were excuses...but they kept me from it. I was hoping the dress would not fall down, milk would come out in the middle of the ceromony, and I just would not look like a fat ass.

However, when the day came it was amazing. It was our first road trip out of town; Mommy, Daddy, and Owen. It takes so much stuff to take your baby out of town for an overnight trip and not to mention it was POURING down rain the whole way. We made it and we had a great time at the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. Here are some pictures from the event.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

3 months old!!!

Tomorrow when I wake up our son will be 3 months old. I never would have thought looking back to the day that Owen was born I would have such a big boy now. He is truly a joy in my life and everyday I am with him I know that Clay and I are doing the best job ever in making sure he is happy and healthy.

Over the last few weeks, Owen has taken an interest in watching cartoons on tv. For any of you mom readers, I have learned that the Backyardigans is his favorite show on Nickjr. Thank you to my best friend Julie who told me about this channel. He just sits there and kicks his legs and laughs. Sure it may not be the best thing to put your kid in front of the tv, but I see the joy in his face and it makes me feel good as a mom. Not to mention it allows me to blow dry this big full head of thick frizzy hair that can take up to an hour.

Tomorrow we will also be heading down to Houston. I am going to be standing as the Matron of Honor in my best friend Alicia's wedding. It will be our first family road trip and I am looking forward to it. Owen is going to get to meet his Granny Dot (Clay's Grandma) and other dear family members on the Coleman side.

In preparation of the big event I went today and got a pedicure. It was heaven. I am sure that I will get a talking to on the cost of my little outing; but it was SOOOOO worth it. They called it a tropical pedicure. It was literally an hour of heaven on my legs. I also got these bushy eyebrows done. So I am feeling alot better about my self image and having to stand up in front of a crowd at the wedding.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Friends---The Best

Tonight was a very special night for me because I got to see my best friend of over 10 years try on her wedding gown choices. If you don't know; Cassidy Fears is my best friend that I met in high school when we were Freshman. At that time we HATED each other. I was a bit to ghetto for her and she was a bit to goody goody for me. So needless to say we clashed. However, over time we began to see that we could actually be blessings in each other's lives.

Cassidy showed me early on what it meant to turn all my hate and frustrations over to God which I had not yet done. I really do think that when I met her my life was at a fork in the road. So Cliche I know...but so true. I chose to the take the path that led me to cleaning up my act and during the journey I gained one of the most amazing best friends ever.

We have seen each other through GREAT times and some very TOUGH times. Not only has Cassidy been an amazing addition to my life; so has her family. I know this blog is about my journey with Owen but you journey with Owen will involve Cassidy in a major way. Owen will know her as Aunt Cassidy because she is truly like a sister to me; and not just because we are Tri Delta sisters too:)

My mother taught the importance of having a girlfriend that is apart of your life every single day. Karen is my mom's best friend that she met when she was just in Junior High school. For as long as I can remember they talked on the phone for hours on end each day and assisted in each other in raising their kids; as well as much more. Unfortunately, my mom passed away when she was just 52 years old. However, because of her guidance, I picked up where she left off. Karen is now one of my best friends and someone whom I look at as well as an aunt in my life because of the relationship she had with my mom and the relationships she still provides to me even after my mother's death.

I am lucky because I have a "Karen" and I hope to some day teach Owen the same thing. I have always prided myself on how I treat my friends and how I value them in my life.

So as I was saying at the beginning of this blog...I got to see my best friend try on her potential wedding gown today and she was just beautiful in all options. This is just another wonderful journey we get to take together and someday tell our children all about.

I know this was a bit of a mushy blog...but sometimes I just don't think we take enough time out of our busy schedules to recognize the individuals that keep your chin lifted and smiles on your face. So my challenge to each of my readers today is to thank your best friend for being who they are and show them the appreciation of what they have done for you.

And to all my other AMAZING friends...I hope you all know how special you are in my life. I am telling Owen everyday all about each of you and how blessed he and I both are to have such an amazing support system.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Schlemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated.

We’re gonna do it!
Give us any chance, we’ll take it.
Give us any rule, we’ll break it.
We’re gonna make our dreams come true.
Doin’ it our way.

Nothin’s gonna turn us back now,
Straight ahead and on the track now.
We’re gonna make our dreams come true,
Doin’ it our way.

There is nothing we won’t try,
Never heard the word impossible.
This time there’s no stopping us.
We’re gonna do it.

On your mark, get set, and go now,
Got a dream and we just know now,
We’re gonna make our dream come true.
And we’ll do it our way, yes our way.
Make all our dreams come true,
And do it our way, yes our way,
Make all our dreams come true
For me and you.
-Laverne and Shirley

First Night Away

So this past weekend I had to attend a conference for work in Memphis, Tennessee. I was very excited about going and seeing all the Tri Deltas from the regions. However, this meant that I would have to leave Owen at home overnight for the first time ever.

My anxiety started to rise on Thursday night before I left about how it would be. I am 100% confident in my husband to care for Owen while I am not around, but I was anxious on how I would do not being there to see him wake up in the morning or to put him down in his crib to go to sleep. would I have mental breakdowns while on the job? I did not want to be that mom and I was nervous that I would not be able to control it. I mean he is only 2 months old and here I am leaving him already. I was starting to feel like a terrible mother.

I awoke on Friday morning for the journey and was stressed about getting out the door with all the things I needed for work and making sure Owen was set up and ready to go with Clay and his grandpa. I left them 2 pages worth of instructions on how to care for Owen for the 48 hours I would be away. I am sure it was more info than they really needed but I guess that is what you do as a new mom...smother your caretakers with information for the "just in case moments".

I soon realized that when I got to the airport at 7am (I had been up since 4:30am) that I was NOT going to be able to NOT think about Owen. Immediately my boobs started to hurt because it was Owen's regular feeding time. So as any new mom would do...I pulled out the pump and went to town in mid flight to Memphis. I never thought I would have to experience expressing milk while on a plane but that comes with the nursing mom territory. However, I could not do this mid flight experience without going through security first and having to have a male TSA agent examine my bag that contained my pump and all its glorious parts. He did try to make me feel more comfortable by saying he sees them all the time. Bless his little heart for trying but at 7am in line with a ton of strangers and a machine that looks like it could milk a cow; even I was embarassed.

For the next 24 hours I realized I would be hiding away somewhere every three hours pumping out the precious gold that I give my son to make him big and strong. The only thing was that I would also be pouring it down the drain because I would not be able to bring it home with me. Those rules.

Everyone kept asking if I just torn up about not being with Owen and part of me was, but there was the part of me that just loved the adult time and catching up with old friends. I was able to call and check in with Clay and they were doing just fine. I had nothing to worry about. He even had a friend in town from I literally had the movie "Three Men and a Baby" going on at my house.

So my anxiety that had built up about leaving him was going away; but was being replaced with the anxious feeling of being able to put my arms around him in just a few short hours. I was back on a plane Saturday afternoon around 4:45pm. It seemed just as quick as I got to Memphis I was heading back home.

When I got home and I saw Owen and he heard my voice...there was a smile that I will always remember. He knew who I was and he was ready for me to love all over him. I don't think I left his side for the next two days.

Clay and Grandpa did wonderful while I was away but they were glad to have me back. I guess this can go down in the books as the first big milestone that I have accomplished as a mother...the over night trip without my son.

Monday, September 21, 2009


So last weekend I went down to Houston with Mom, Aunt Cassidy, and Granny Pam. We had the best time ever. We did the trip all in one day and it was the longest trip I had ever been on in the car. I think it was like 3.5 hours each way!!! It was raining the WHOLE way. Aunt Cassidy drove us down there because mommy needed to pump in the car. She wanted to make sure I had plenty of milk to drink:)

I slept most of the way with Granny Pam in the back with me for entertainment. Granny Pam made brownies and muffins for the road trip and had other snacks too. I really wanted one of those brownies...but mom said no.

We got to Houston just before Alicia's shower was to begin so we rushed in to get changed. Mom brought me a cute change of clothes because it was the first time I was going to be meeting my Houston friends. I had to look good.

We watched Alicia open her gifts and they ate some food. Then it was time to turn around. We had to come back home and that was going to be a long drive. The rain had stopped for the most part and now mommy was driving. On the way back we decided to end the field trip on a high note and go to Buc-ees!!! It is like Disney World for Truckers. There are animated figures, tons of gifts, tons of food, and just good fun all around. Here are some pictures from my very first experience in this wonderland:)