Monday, February 23, 2009

Found my Daycare

So today I went and paid a pre-registration fee for the daycare I fell in love with. The purpose of this was to reserve my spot for the fall. They only had two left and another lady was in there trying to register at the same time...but I insisted they took my money first. I know things can totally change before the baby even comes and we may not even use the facility but I would rather be out $85 then to not have a secured location to put my mind at ease.

Our baby Coleman is pre-registered at Primrose School in Arlington. I am very excited about this facility because they really do not consider themselves a daycare but instead an Educational Child Care Facility.

90% of Primrose students achieved elementary school test scores well above the national average. They were the first educational child care company to achieve accreditation by CITA (SACS CASI and NCA CASI), recognized as the gold standard in school evaluations.

Of course all of these wonderful attributes do come with a hefty cost. (UGH) Clay and I have realized that having a child in daycare is almost like buying a brand new car every year. So there is still some stress even though I feel confident in my selection for the location.

The facility is less than 5 minutes from my office and they will allow me to come over at lunch time to breast feed. So I will get to spend that quality time with my child daily as well as a nice long car ride to and from work.

My mother always told me to go with my gut and after all the phone calls and visits I gut was sold on Primrose!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Searching for Daycare

So here I am going into my 16th week and I am starting to panic about not having adequate daycare when I have to go back to work. I mean it is natural to worry; but can we say I was having anxiety attacks.

Well today I saw the light!!! Thank you God...a lady that works at the Oaklawn Methodist Church gave me a website to go so that I could find full permit registered locations near home or work. I HIGHLY recommend this website to anyone that is in the same position I am in:)

It is great because it lets you know of any citations the company has had and ranks them by severity. I was SHOCKED to see some of the descriptions. As I was going through them I found one that is super close to work I thought it is worth a shot. I gave them a call and I fell in love just over the phone. I have already scheduled my visit for tomorrow to take a tour and meet the owners. It is a private accredited facility with NO citations. So please keep us in your prayers that this is one that I will love and I will be able to put our child on the list for September enrollment.

I know that seems weird to enroll an unborn child but I have learned already that many places are booked up until next year. CRAZY!!! Hence my panic attacks.

I would love to be a stay at home and I would love to take more than 6 weeks maternity leave; but the economy is just not on our side right now. So my option is to find the PERFECT place to take our baby.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heard the Baby Kick!

So Clay and I were in the doctors office while Dr. Richards took the heart monitor over my belly. We heard the heart beat again at about 150-160 and it was still just as amazing as the first time. Then we heard a thump...the baby kicked. I heard my baby kick; I was freaked out and also delighted. I didn't feel anything but just knowing that there is a small child in me about the size of a lime or bigger just kicking around. FREAKY!!!

We learned today that I have gained back the weight I lost in the first trimester which is very good; plus I gained a few more pounds. My doctor was very proud. However, he told me I had to cut back on my fruit intake because it will just go to my butt:) I love an honest doctor. So I am going to have to give up my daily orange, banana, grapefruit, and glass of OJ for only two small servings of fruit. I did ask if I could eat tomatoes and he gave me the blessing.

I did learn today that I am still testing positive for my antibodies. Being RH- is a scary thing only because there are risk that can occur throughout the pregnancy. My doctor told me not to think about it too much and will just continue to monitor the baby and my blood work. So I just ask for prayers that all will be well and the remaining of my pregnancy is smooth sailing.

We will be going back in a month to learn the sex of the baby. I am so excited and so is Clay. I so think it is a boy; but after reading Czarina's blog I am trying to be open minded. I would be just like you and feel a bit of disappointment after I have convinced myself of one thing:)

I do have one thing on my agenda this weekend and that is to get a new bra! As you all know I am very well endowed up top and well they are just getting bigger and it is time to go find something really comfortable to wear.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Starting To See a Baby Bump!

So I am now at about 15 weeks and starting to see a bit of a bump. I am still fitting into my normal clothes; but I can tell they are starting to get snug. Part of me is super excited about looking more pregnant; but then I am also not looking forward to having to spend money on maternity clothes. Thank you to Shannan Fears for her donations. The tops are working out great!

This week we will be going to the doctor and hope to see a good sonogram of what the baby might look like at this point. I can only imagine how much it has changed since our last sonogram. That was at 6.5 weeks. That seems forever ago.

Last night my family came over to celebrate my 29th birthday and I got the Wii Fit. I am pumped!!! Clay and I were already addicted to it before it came out of the box. I am hoping that this will help me and the baby keep healthy as the pregnancy progresses.

I will do another post after I go to the doctor but wanted everyone to know that I am doing good and feeling great. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!