Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Kicking Boy!!

Last night Clay finally felt a good kick from our awesome baby boy. I was hoping that he would soon feel it because it is such a weird thing to experience. Watching the book on my belly while I am reading just bop up and down is too funny. I really wonder what you are doing in there? I hope you are not kicking any of my internal organs and leaving mommy bruised...remember I don't handle pain well.

Speaking of I have been thinking alot about the actual delivery. I PRAY to God that all goes smoothly and that I really don't have that much pain to deal with. I keep thinking that doctors don't deliver until you are dilated to like a 10cm? What does that really mean...because to me a 10 seems really small for a baby boy to come out of. I am thinking we should wait until like a 25inches? Do you think that is a possible option? JK.

So mommy ordered furniture the other day and it should be coming soon. I can't wait to put it all together. Clay thinks it will be funny watching me put together furniture but little does he know that is one of my favorite things to do. I love being a "Mrs. Fix It". Now I am not saying I like housework, cooking, gardening, or any of that stuff...I just like building things or playing with electronics. Probably a good thing you are a boy:)

Here are pictures of the additional pieces we will be adding to the nursery. Hopefully they look like this when I am done with them. HEHEHE

Monday, April 27, 2009

Always great to see friends

So this past weekend was spent in Nacogdoches spending time with old sorority sisters. I could not get enough. We ate and had fun and since there is not alot to do in Nacogdoches we made the most of it.

Below are some pictures from events that were going on while we were in town. (courtesy of Clay Coleman) Saturday night we went to the "Oh So Famous Sport Shack". This 25.5 week preggo rocked it out. It was a blast and I enjoyed dancing to all the old rap songs that were popular when we were in college. I had my fellow sorority sisters with me and could not have been happier.
Clay and I learned from some of my friends, that have recently had kids, that sleep is the NUMBER 1 thing they miss. Hell I miss sleep now and the baby is not even here...what will I do. How early is too early to get your kid on ambien...JUST KIDDING!!! I know that I will adjust just fine but I am sure that Clay will have to put up with my cranky butt ALOT.

Last night I felt our no-name son going to town kicking and I swear I saw my belly move. People have been telling me this will occur but I had not experienced it until last night. I think that baby coleman was just excited to be home around the cats and that mommy got to take a nice bath. HE LOVES BATH TIME!!! that is when he comes alive. I don't know if the motion of water or the temperature does it...but he because so active it is funny. I tried to have Clay feel my belly but as soon as he would put his hand on my belly our son would stop. I think it is because he loves me more:) HEHEHE

So I realized last night that I have been calculating my approaching third trimester wrong. I thought I would be going into on May 14th...however, we learned last night that May 4th is the day. I will admit I started crying because I thought how can I be a good mom if I can't even keep up with my pregnancy correctly. I will never win Mother of the Year at this pace...Clay just helped me laugh about it and by the time I was ready to go to bed I felt so much better.
I can't believe that we are nearing the 3 month count down. It is scary to think that during the next three months we HAVE to get a functioning nursery, name our child (again that pressure), and make sure that we have all our ducks in a row.

Monday, April 13, 2009

23 Weeks and Growing

So I went for my check up last Thursday as we kicked off the 23rd week of baby Coleman. I always love going to hear the heartbeat of my baby boy. We learned that mommy has gained 6 lbs but that is okay since I did not gain anything the month before. It is still to early to determine how big you may be; but please don't be too big because I am a wuss with pain.

Clay and I made a trip down to Austin this past weekend and had a blast. Although I had to take a nap everyday around 4pm I felt I held up pretty well. We did lots of vintage shopping and ate some really great food. We are really taking advantage of any last minute trips we can prior to baby Coleman's arrival.

We then went to my Aunt's house for Easter and I can I tell you how much I love EASTER FOOD! I ate ham, deviled eggs, scalloped cheese potatoes, salad, mashed potatoes, dinner roles, and corn. YUM YUM YUM!!! Thank you Aunt Connie for the fabulous spread of food.

Here is a picture of Miss Scarlet in her Easter Bonnet and Charlie, the special needs, dog of my aunt :) :) Enjoy

Below is an email from a Tri Delta sister that has been blessed with a new baby girl. It has been an emotional roller coaster for this family to get to the point of finally bringing home a baby girl they can call their own and I wanted to share this with my followers.

Hi Everyone!
I am so sorry about the mass email and I'm sure I've forgotten some people who would want to know - feel free to forward this on!

So, we have some pretty big news. We have a baby girl! It was quite a whirlwind and the whole month of March is a blur, but we're very excited! We got called on Wed., 3/4/09 that we'd been matched with a birth-mom. I was in Tulsa helping my sister pack for their house move. We needed to get to Atlanta ASAP as the birth-mom was in labor and dilated to 9cm. I drove home the next morning 4.5 hours from Tulsa, did laundry, packed and ran some errands getting things notarized. We left for GA the evening of Thurs. 3/5. We found out that morning that she was born at 1:25 am, 3/5/09 (about 4-5 weeks early), 4 lbs. 2 oz., 17 1/4" - small but healthy lungs and all. The only problem was that she didn't know how to eat yet.

We arrived in Atlanta about 3pm on Fri. 3/6/09, after the 12 hour drive and a short 3 hour sleep stop in Shreveport, and met the birth-mom and the baby - both who are beautiful. The baby was in the Special Care Nursery (the step-down unit of the NICU) had dropped to 3 lb. 12 oz., had a feeding tube and an IV. It would take 45 minutes for her to take 15cc. Then she moved up to more quantity, but would only take 20cc from the bottle and then poop out and have to take the rest through the feeding tube. They wanted her to be able to take all 8 feedings of at least 35cc each day for 48 hours to be discharged. She was tiny, but beautiful. We ended up staying in Atlanta for about 20 days. She was in the hospital for 16 days and was discharged on 3/21/09. We went to the hospital for all of the feeding/changings every 3 hours - except the 2 and 5am feedings. We learned about a 2 mile radius around the hospital very well. Luckily there was a Target, Wal-mart, and Babies-r-us very close by. It was nice to have the great nurses, doctors and OT/PT staff helping us and answering lots of questions. We didn't have much time in between the feedings, about 1.5 hours to eat meals, run errands, do laundry, field phone calls, handle business like insurance/legal stuff, etc. We were pretty tired and kept hearing all of the monitor beeps in our sleep every night. We had to buy some clothes for warm weather, since we didn't pack for that and we had to switch hotels after I found a better deal online.

So, now we have Taylor Elizabeth Dupre' Casanova (2 middle names). We left Atlanta on Tuesday, 3/24, stayed in Vicksburg, MS and got home about 3pm on Wed. 3/25. We've been to the pediatrician 3 times and Taylor is up to 6 lb. 6 oz. and is eating like a pro! She's just now in newborn clothing. The doctors have said she should catch up with everything developmentally by the time she's 2-3yo, with no long term effects. She's just beautiful and we're just in love.
We're all doing great. Mark went back to work on April 1. We're working on getting the house back in order and things situated around here, as well as getting used to a new schedule. :) I think we're finally getting caught back up on sleep. Sully stayed with Mark's Mom and Dad while we were gone and has done wonderfully with Taylor. He gets very concerned when she makes noise and he wants to check it out. He also has been really sweet and loving. He missed us horribly and we missed him horribly too!

Thanks to all of you for your support and love in our journey. We are very lucky and blessed to have you all in our lives. Things happened exactly like they were supposed to and we couldn't have asked for anything better or different. We may have to write a book about it someday.