Friday, May 29, 2009

One Week Down 10 Weeks to Go

Well that would be in the perfect pregnancy world. As of yesterday I am 30 weeks. YEAH. I can't believe a whole week has passed since I was put on bed rest. That means my baby boy has gotten another week of growth under his belt.

The adjustment at home has not been too bad. I just lay around in my bed or go out to an air mattress in the living room to watch movies. Clay has been wonderful getting me food and water. He has been my blessing. Not to mention my four wonderful cats are just being so sweet to momma and giving me lots of love.

I am looking forward to the doctor on Tuesday to see if Baby Coleman has gained any more weight. I really want him to get to 5.5 lbs before he decides to show his handsome self to mom and dad.

Who knows maybe he will decide to stay in for the next 10 weeks and go full term...that would be the ultimate blessing for him...but a very trying idea for mom and dad. Good thing I love to read because I see alot of novels in my near future being completed.

I also can't believe we are almost to June. I mean I still remember telling everyone on Thanksgiving we were expecting. Man how time has flown by.

Gonna get some rest; just wanted to give an update.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

At home and resting

Well after six days in the hospital I am finally home in my own bed. I am still on strict bedrest but at least I am in the comforts of my own bedroom and have my cats for entertainment. It is so funny that they know something is not right with mommy and they are being very sweet.

I am in the process of making sure we have the room functional so I don't have to get up except to pee in case we are like this for the long haul. I really do want to take the baby to full term and so I am going to do everything I have to do over the next few months to make that happen. I learned I am not even allowed to get up and use the microwave. Crazy huh:)

Good thing I was not the domestic one in the family prior to this or else we would be in real trouble. I am so lucky to have Clay because he really knows what it takes to keep the house functioning and how to keep my spirits high. I could not ask for a more amazing man in my life. I hope that his son will have the same wonderful qualities that he has.

I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Without them I am sure I would go insane. :) I will keep everyone posted as I learn more on my condition but as for now I am status quo until my next appointment on Tuesday the 2nd.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh the joys of the Hospital

So the past few days have been very trying on my ADD. I have to say that even I am burned out of tv, computer games, reading, and whatever else I can think of doing. The excitement of my day is seeing the nurses every four hours to do my blood pressure and temperature. They always make me laugh.

Last night I slept really good and that was nice and today I finally got some clean sheets. So I feel like a whole new woman ready to take on my bed rest like a champion.

I just got done with a great lunch. Can I just tell you that the corn chowder is to die for...and I am not even kidding. The food is not bad at all here and I don't have to clean up or prepare anything. My kind of service.

I got to see my friends Czarina and Craig today. They are expecting their first baby girl very soon. They are currently 35 weeks and doing great. I can't wait for baby coleman and baby hounsel to meet.

As of today there are no new updates on my condition and we really won't know anything until my next round of tests on Tuesday. So until then I will just keep switching sides from left to right in my wonderful penthouse hospital room. Do you think I could get some 600 thread count sheets? Is that allowed in the hospital. Just kidding.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bed Rest--Oh My

Well this past Thursday I was officially 29 weeks pregnant and had a doctors appointment set for my 30th week. However, I did not make it to that appointment. On Thursday morning I called my doctor to let him know of some things I found unusual. I will spare you the details in case there are men reading this:) :) However, let's just say it was new for me and enough for me to feel I should call.

The nurse called me back and I was set for a 2:15 appointment for that day inside the Margot Perot Labor & Delivery building with a doctor in my practice. While I was seeing him he tested to see if I was Nitrate Positive, meaning am I leaking amniotic fluid, and thank goodness I was not but something was creating my PH to be off balance in my cervix. He then did an exam and determined that my baby is sitting very low and sent me directly over for photos with my perinatal doctor. Thank goodness this doctor is also in the hospital so I did not have far to go.

I got to see baby coleman and he is healthy as all get out. He is weighing in at 3lbs 9 ounces and is a week ahead in his growth chart. All of his organs look great and he is super active. However, he has also decided to put his head right on top of my cervix which is no bueno:) :) Talk about pressure.

The doctor decided he needed to measure my cervix because anything that measures 25 or less is considered high risk preterm labor and since the baby is so low we have to make sure he is not working his way out. Well of course I am measuring at 20 which means my cervix is thinning which ultimately will lead to labor. So before I knew I was admitted into the hospital for observation and bed rest and I have been her since. I am scheduled to stay at least till Tuesday until they can run the test to see if my cervix is by chance going back above the 25 level from being on strict bed rest. If it is stable or improved they will send me home to comforts of my own bed for the remainder of my pregnancy. However, if I am getting worse it looks like I may be living at the hospital until baby coleman comes.

Spirits are good and the nurses and doctors are great. I also have to brag about my husband. He has been so sweet bringing me up all my items to make me feel like I am at home. However, we can't seem to figure out a way to sneak Kornbread into the hospital. That would really make me smile:) :)

I have seen all my local family and even my friend in town from Alabama came to visit. I can't lie the days are long and the nights are longer but for everyday I can keep this baby me in me and he gets bigger and builds his lungs...the better chance we have of little complications with an early delivery.

So please just say prayers for baby coleman, mommy, and Clay. We are ready for whatever comes our way and we are not afraid.

Thank you all for your support

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Showers!!!

This was a very eventful weekend. On Saturday I got to attend two baby showers for two of my dearest friends. The first one was for my sweet sweet Czarina who is expecting a baby girl in 6 weeks. We had a blast at her tea party and it was great seeing her family.

The next shower I attended was for my childhood friend Ara. I have known Ara since I was five years old and she is expecting her 2nd little boy in 6 weeks. I never would have thought 24 years ago we would be looking at being mothers at the same time. CRAZY!!! I can't wait for baby coleman to play with all my friends babies that are on their way.

Then on Sunday it was my turn to have a shower. My best friends Cassidy & Julie put on a wonderful shower that made both myself and baby coleman feel so special. I am so very blessed to have such wonderful individuals in my life and I know that baby coleman will never need to be afraid because he already has so many supporters in his life.

The shower was held in Duncanville at Julie's mom's house and it was just beautiful. We had a beautiful cake, fresh fruit, Pam Fears' famous cheeseball, fudge from Ben Franklins, and much much more. I had all my local family and closest friends from childhood through after college. I could not have been happier.

We got some amazing things for baby coleman and I can't wait to put it all to good use. The theme of the shower was to bring a childhood story book that we could then read to baby coleman. I got so many that my son is going to be the smartest little boy on the block. If he is anything like his mommy and daddy he will be reading all the time and I will enjoy every minute of bedtime story time.

Here are some pictures from the shower. If you click on the slide show it will take you to the website that will allow you to view them in a larger scale. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Houston Baby Shower

Well I had my first baby shower and it was a blast. However, I was sick as a dog the whole time; my family and friends made it very memorable for me. We had a great spread of food, great conversation, and fun games. Thank you to both Shelly and Alicia for being such great hosts.

From guessing the poop in the diapers, what's in this bag, and how big is Ashley's belly...we could not have had a better time.

Here are some pictures from the weekend that my husband took from the shower. I hope you enjoy them. Check out the great father-in-law drove all the way to college station to get those just for me:)

I can't wait to put Baby Coleman in all the new stuff that we got. Clay and I truly feel blessed to have such a wonderful support system as we embark on this parenting adventure. If you can believe we are now in our 3rd Trimester and it feels like time is flying by. We could not be more excited!!!