Thursday, July 30, 2009

Three Weeks Old!!

So today was Owen's three week milestone since he blessed us with his arrival. I can't believe how much he has changed in such a short period of time. I continue to just fall more and more in love with him. So how did Owen spend his special day today?!?!? Sleeping of course;)

I love just laying in bed beside him and watching him snooze. I sit there and wonder what he is dreaming about? I love putting his head just under my chin and smelling his skin underneath me. I love kissing on his hands and rubbing my finger down his cheek. As you can see I am just in awe with my son.

I love that already at three weeks he has learned to use one hand to hold his pacifier in his mouth so it won't pop out. He brings such joy and amazement to me that I just can't get enough.

I love when he yawns and stretches his little body with a big grin on his face. I love how when he is crying I can pick him up and bring him close to my chest and he just calms immediately.

Owen King Coleman is three weeks old today and I could not be a more proud mother.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Whale's Tail

So I don't know about the other mothers out there but when they take the clamp off of the belly button to heal; it looks like a whale's tail to me. What a weird thing to have to watch heal and take care of. I thought the circumcision would be the odd part but the belly button I found really disturbing.

Owen's pediatrician kept saying, "Don't be afraid to pull on it and really get down in there and clean it." Well, that made me gag the first few times but then it became like a science project for me. Each day I would watch it to see if we were getting closer to the day that it would fall off. When we went to the two week appointment the Dr. said it was not ready yet and I thought how much longer.

Well today was the day...I woke up this morning to change his diaper to find the Whale's tail stuck to the middle of his stomach and his belly button now fully exposed. Thank GOD it is an inny (spelling). It still looks weird and I am sure it will take even longer for it to seem like a belly button that I am use to looking at; but what a mile stone for my boy. He officially now has no weird things healing on his body.

I just thought I would share this with you all because I found it to be the oddest thing to watch over the past few weeks.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Great Check-up!!

So the doctor went really well today. Our little Owen gained 9.5 oz and now weighs 6lbs 3.5oz. He also grew a full inch in length. I am just amazed to see him getting bigger even though he seems still so small.

We also got our blood work done today and our first shot. He was a real trooper as Mamma Fears drew the blood from his heel. He did scream but he was not too angry with us.

He was rewarded by a nice long nap when we got home for all his bravery. Mommy got a nap too because she was a nervous wreck watching him get his shots...but of course you know me I had to take a before and after photo:) :)

This was Owen sleeping peacefully Pre-shot

This was just after the needle hit the skin...that sad sad face.

This is one of my favorite photos from bath time that I had to share:)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am 2 weeks old!!

Owen is two weeks old tomorrow and I can't believe how much he has changed in such a short period of time. He just takes my breath away every time I look at him. I am slowly getting use to the 3 hour cycles of him eating, pooping, sleeping, and sometimes just staying awake. I am also getting use to just hour long sleep cycles for myself. However, I am still looking forward to the nights where I can get more hours or heck even just 30 more minutes:) :)

Tomorrow we go for our two week check up with Dr. Johnson and I am really hoping that Owen has put on some weight. He eats like a horse so I am thinking that he has; yet he still looks so small. One thing I learned that I did not know about babies is that their skin peels ALOT during the beginning weeks of life. I thought I missed a step on caring for him because his hands and feet looked like he had athletes foot or something. I have since learned this is actually normal. THANK GOD!!

We had a lot of family come in town this week and that was wonderful yet exhausting. I am grateful that they were able to come and meet Owen. It is so important to me to have family involved in the upbringing of our son because I want him to have such a solid foundation of love from everyone.

I will post again when we get feedback from the doctor. Pray he has a good check up and pray that mommy does not freak out when he gets his first shot. :) :)


Sunday, July 12, 2009


Well we were suprised on July 9, 2009 at 12:26 am. Owen King Coleman came into the world at 36 weeks. As you all know I have been on bed rest since my 29th week and it has been a journey. On Tuesday the 7th, my doctor told me to start getting up and moving around a to build up my strength over the remaining month of my pregnancy to prepare us for the delivery. Well little did he know Owen had his own agenda.

As soon as I heard the words I could get up and move around; I did what any woman would do...I made a hair appointment. I was not wanting to go into labor with bad roots and I knew that if I did not take do it now when could I. So on Wednesday morning I went and got my hair done and then came home around 3pm for a long nap. I was awoken by a horrible hail storm that hit east Dallas and I was in awe about how much hail was falling from the sky. I made a joke to Clay on the porch that we should be glad I am not in labor and having to drive to the hospital in this.

Man was God laughing at us because within 30 minutes my water broke and the real fun began. I went in to tell Clay that I think my water broke and that it was time to go to the hospital. We decided to both take showers and get cleaned up before going. I mean you have awhile on your first kid and I was not even having true contractions yet.

We arrived at the hospital just around 7pm and got all checked in. The nurse, who I can't even pronounce her name did a test to see if in fact my water had broke and she said it hadn't. I told her I was now having contractions about every 15 minutes since the time I felt the gush at home. She hooked me up to a machine for observations and told me that she did not think I was in labor but would watch me for a bit before making the call to send me home. She also told me I was only dialated to .5 barley 1 cm. No more than 30 minutes later of this I thought I was dying. My contractions were hard and coming about every 5 minutes. However, she still was saying she did not think I was in labor. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! I could not think of enough curse words to say to this woman. They kept telling me my doctor was coming; but it was obvious they were not telling him how much pain I was in and that it was urgent. By the time he got there I was dying and I was having contractions every three minutes. At this point it was close to 10:30pm. He came in and told me that I was in fact in labor and that I was actually dialated to 6cm. Needless to say this nurse has since been fired and Clay is working on a letter to the hospital as we speak. This will be a good depiction of the true hell we went through. My doctor immediately got us a new nurse and he was our saving grace. I finally got my drugs at 11:30pm after pushing naturally by mistake of the crazy nurse and by 12:26am, Owen was here.

I can not begin to tell you how much I love him from the minute I pulled him out of my own vagina. That is right folks you read that right...the doctor had me pull him out of me and bring him to my chest. It was the weirdest thing but most amazing thing to be able to tell our son someday.

So here are some pics that we have so far. We will have more as we get them updated.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Nursery is DONE!!!

So after all the hard work and long hours of my dedicated husband; Owen's nursery is ready to go. There are a few decorative pieces to put on the wall...but that is minor.

When we started this project this room was a room full of cracks in the sheet rock, nasty flooring, horrible window treatments, BAD paint, a closet that had not been used since the previous home owners, and a room of books and junk. So we literally were starting from scratch to create a nursery. We have had contractors out, Clay working hard, and what little things I can do from bed rest going on for a long time. Can we say TEAM WORK!!

I am very proud of the final product and know that Owen's nursery would be not be near as beautiful if it were for our friends and family giving us such wonderful gifts. So Clay and I also want to thank all of you.

Drum Roll Please!!!!!

We went with a simple clean design since the space we were working with is very small. The only wall with color on it is the back wall you see where the crib is. The shelving unit is organized by some great semi-clear bins that we found at the Container Store. The shelves were up for discussion at the beginning of the remodeling; but in the end Clay convinced me we did need them. I am so glad I listened because without us keeping the shelving unit in place we would have had issues with storage space. Clay hung a front and back rod in the closet so that we could have two rows of clothes and comfortably place the hamper in the base of the closet. Since we were tight on space, our changing table is also a dresser which is storing all the first few months of onesies, wipes, socks, shoes, receiving blankets, and much much more. You will also notice that there is a picture of four black onesies. These are Owen's very own Daddy made ROCKER onesies!!!

So if for some reason God feels it is time for me to go into labor, I feel that Clay and I are ready to bring our baby boy home. What a weight off my shoulders:) :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

35 weeks and counting

Today we are at 35 weeks and I am still on strict bed rest until next week when I see the doctor on Tuesday. From that point on I will be seeing him on a weekly basis until our baby boy comes. Or should I say our little Owen King Coleman:)

Our doctor's appointment this past Tuesday was good. We are still stable in the cervix area and our little boy now weighs 5lbs 4oz. I actually guessed the exact number before they told us. I was pretty impressed with myself. We got to see him on the screen and see how big he is getting. He even opened his mouth up so wide with a nice yawn that I could have just cried right then.

We officially have been graduated from our Perinatal specialist that we were seeing every two weeks because at this point if we deliver early it will be okay and they have no fears for us anymore. They would like to see me get to 37 weeks but if not...they have done all they can to keep Owen nested inside his mommy.

Our nursery is also complete. I have to take a minute to thank my husband for all of his hard work and dedication to make the nursery come together. I have not been able to help him do the room so he was working solo and working hard. He could not have given me a better gift than a warm welcoming room for our baby Owen. There are not enough good deeds for me to do for him to equal what amazing efforts he has put into this project.

With a bit more of the nursery will be up soon!