Monday, November 23, 2009

Owen is going to take a BITE out of crime....

Or at least my nipple. Yep, you read that right. Owen bit me while feeding. Then to my surprise we discovered the reason. Our little boy has his two bottom front teeth.

When did this happen...I mean it must have been over night. He did not even act much different leading up to the discovery. Aren't the children supposed to run fever, be cranky/terror during this process? Plus, aren't you suppose to be closer to 8 months when you get your chompers? Well my son decided he was tired of the boob and wanted to started working on real food. (mush in a jar) So he set a goal for himself (forgot to mention it to mommy) to cut teeth early and he succeeded. (he gets that goal setting quality from his daddy).

With his new pearly whites in place (gappy too) we have graduated to eating pears, sweet potatoes, rice cereal and formula. Am I sad that he no longer will be breast feeding? Um no! I have learned that juggling working full time and either feeding or pumping is very very time consuming. Will he be at a disadvantage? Um no, he is still getting really good nutrients from the formula and he is eating fruits and vegetables...sounds pretty good to me. Will I miss the bonding time? Um no! I mean I will still have to hold my son close to me and put a bottle in his mouth and stare into his eyes and tell him how much I love him. I am experiencing a new growing step with him while he learns to eat off the spoon. Which is soo cute.

This is a milestone that I am very happy happened. However, we must address the situation of what is known as "drying out". Can we say PAINFUL. I am not a fan of this part of the process but rumor has it that once you stop breast feeding you will dry up and your boobs will shrink to nothing. (Please God I pray for this) Every morning I have stood in front of the mirror looking and hoping that this would be the case for me. However, I don't think this rumor applies to the girls that have the 36H size chest after giving birth. I figure if I am lucky I might get down to a 36DD. (reduction here I come)

I still can get over looking into his mouth every time he laughs and seeing those two little white teeth shining back up at me. I wonder what he will do to amaze me next. Maybe he will finally learn how to roll over.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Daddy has an Ouchie

The other day my daddy came home with a big boot on his foot. Mommy told me that Daddy had an ouchie and would have to be in this boot for about 8 weeks. He looked so sad and depressed. I started to think about what makes me happy when I am sad...and it came so clearly to me in less than a second; my best friend Camel Stick!!!

Ode to Camel Stick

Whenever I feel sad or feel sick
I can always count on Camel Stick

He cheers me up when I am blue
He is my best friend through and through

He laughs, plays, and sleeps with me
Camel Stick makes me so happy

Thank you Camel Stick for all that you do
My Daddy has an Ouchie, can he hold you too?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Look Mom! I have a Doughnut on my Head

Bath time is such a joy for both Owen and I. I just love that he has embrassed the idea of having fun in the tub and allowing mommy to wash him good and clean from his head to his toes.

Last night's bath was a blast because he discovered that kicking as hard as he could would make big splashes in the tub. So we just kicked and kicked until we had little wrinkly fingers.

It's these moments that I thank God that I am able to be a mother. The joy I feel in my heart can not be expressed into words. Owen is growing so fast and each day I see him discover something new that he can do.

His newest trick is taking his own bottle and trying to put it in his mouth. It is so funny because he usually misses and ends up poking his eye with the nipple. HEHEHE

So if you were having a down day...I hope this picture of Owen brings a SMILE to your face!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Then & Now

It seems as only yesterday Owen was just 6 weeks old and we were still getting use to each other. He was adjusting to sleeping at night and mommy was adjusting to NOT sleeping at night. Owen at that time was eating every three hours and sleeping alot in between. Yet, it still just seems like yesterday my little baby boy looked like this:

Owen is now 4 months old and it seems he is growing up way too fast. He is now sleeping through the night, still eating every three hours but is starting to eat rice cereal too:) He smiles all the time, his laugh is contagious, and he has discovered Nick Jr. Now as a 4 month old this is what is staring back at me:

Can you see the difference from THEN to NOW...he is getting so big!!! However, there is one consistent thing in both boy has YET to grow some hair.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Owen's Vision

So yesterday was Celebration at Tri Delta's Executive Office. We have this wonderful event once a month and Owen loves to attend. This is his chance to see all of mommy's wonderful co-workers and sisters.

This month's theme was a Pie Contest (or dessert). As soon as Owen heard of the theme he was ready to join in on the fun. So Owen and I headed out to the grocery store on Tuesday night to decide what it was he was going to make for his entry. Here is how the journey went:

Owen: Mom, I want to make cupcakes

Mom: Okay, what flavor would you like to do?

Owen: I want to make Kitty Kat Kupcakes

Mom: (in her head, "Oh Lord, I don't know how to make that) Okay honey let's see what all we need to get. Here is a box of Chocolate mix Owen.

Owen: YUM!!! Can the Kittens be orange mommy?

Mom: Of course honey..(in her head, "How the hell do I make orange icing)

Owen: Will they have whiskers too?

Mom: That is the only way to make them. (in her head, "how did I get myself into this...I don't even like to cook)

Mom: Owen, we have a bit of a problem...we can only make 12 cupcakes due to the holder mommy has. That will leave a lot of batter left? Maybe we should just do a large cake?

Owen: Duh Mommy...we are going to have a mommy cat and her kitten kupcakes.

Mom: How silly of are so right.

So off we went back to the house to work on Owen's entry. Here is what he came up with. I must say I am very impressed with my son's vision and even more impressed that mommy actually was able to pull this off. It is official...I am becoming THAT MOM where everything I do needs to have a cute twist to it. (in my head "I am loving it)

The Power of a Smile

It is amazing that now matter how tired I am, frustrated, anxious, and just down right burned out in this mothering son can always bring me back to reality by the "Power of a Smile." Owen has this special way of making Daddy and I forget all our worries for the day and stop to think about how lucky we truly are and how blessed our life is.

I got a call this morning from Clay and he told me about his recent experience with the "Power of a Smile". He told me he snuck into the nursery when he was leaving for work to say good bye, assuming Owen was still asleep. To his great suprise he found Owen lightly stirring with his eyes BARELY cracked...but when he saw Daddy, Clay said his face lit up and he gave his Daddy a BIG I LOVE YOU SMILE. This made Clay's heart melt and it made mine to hear Clay tell me how he loved the feeling it gave him.

Here are a few pics that Clay caught of Owen in mid laugh/smile. I hope it lifts your spirits as much as it does ours!