Wednesday, December 9, 2009

5 Months Old

Today my little boy turned 5 months old. I just can't believe how the time has flown by. I still remember the night that we had the random hail storm and all of sudden my water broke. I had no idea that in less than 6 hours I would have Owen King in my life.

Since Owen was born he has grown leaps and bounds. If you remember he weighed in at 5lbs and 15oz. He went home wearing newborn diapers and preemie clothes. Today he weighs close to 17 lbs+ and is wearing level 3 diapers. Let's just say he has really filled out.

I was able to breast feed Owen for 4.5 months. Then my son got his first two teeth and mommy said NO MORE!! (and ouch) Owen loves to have his bottle and twice a day he eats solid foods with his formula. His favorites are pears and peas. Tonight he ate a whole Gerber serving of peas and 4 oz of formula...CHUNKY MONKEY!!!

Owen loves to laugh out loud, roll over, hang upside down, take pictures, and visit his family. We have seen Owen show the best side of his personality and the worst side of his personality. Clay and I have been truly blessed with how wonderful of a baby Owen truly is.

We could not be happier and more proud of our son. Thank you all for your support...can't wait to share what he is doing at 6 months.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Finally, my first big holiday that I get to celebrate. I may be only 4.5 months old but I know when good food is within my reach. My Thanksgiving celebrated started by mommy and me going to stay with my Nana on Wednesday night. They cooked and cooked and it looked like fun...however, I was more interested in what was on Nickjr.

We all woke up on Thursday and I could hardly wait to get to sit at the big Thanksgiving table that my Nana had decorated. She even made sure I had my own placemate and highchair at the head of the table. I was feeling pretty special.

I had my own Thanksgiving outfit that my mommy had picked out for me. She even made me my very first Turkey hand:)

Nana made the biggest turkey I had ever seen...however, I was eating
squash and formula for my fest.

After we ate everyone wanted to hold me. It was great to get all the attention.



By the time I had reached my GG's lap, I was tuckered out. It was a great first Thanksgiving and I am so happy that my mom and Nana made it so special for me.

Oh yeah...I forgot to tell you that my Daddy was in College Station watching the Aggies play Texas. I really wanted to go too..but I had a cold that week. I saved daddy some of my squash:) Him and I texted back and forth all day long...I love my daddy!

Friday, December 4, 2009

That silly itch...

Today I was laying on my big pansy blanket watching some TV on my belly. (my mom thinks even though I am a boy someday I could still be a member of tri delta. Um No!) I just love the way that soft blanket feels on my cheeks while I lay there and how it absorbs my puddles of drool. Heaven I tell you, just heaven.

Then out of nowhere I got an itch on my toe and realized I could not reach it in the position I was in. I thought for a moment if I should cry for mom. I could hear her behind me but I knew she wanted some quite time. She had been working hard all day and always does such a good job taking care of me. So I thought if I don't cry for assistance what else can I do to make the silly itch stop.

Then it hit me. I could roll over onto my back and reach down and scratch my toe. However, this is a feat I had not yet accomplished. Was today the day I would be able to. I had to give it a try in order to respect mommy's quite time and eliminate the silly itch on my toe.

So I pushed up with all my might. I had my arms extended out below me and my head and chest lifted high. I slowly leaned my head over to the right and started to fall towards my right side. I could tell that if I just pushed a little harder with my left hand and swung my left foot towards the right...I just might...wait wait. I DID!!! I rolled over. Now come here you silly itch.

Then all of a sudden, I heard a burst of screams coming from my mom. Oh, no I interuppted her quite time. As I lay there on my back scratching my toe, I saw her jump up and down and heard her scream for joy!! She even pulled out her phone and called my daddy. She kept telling him how proud she was of me and how she had to find the video camera. I guess this roll over business is a big deal to parents. I just really wanted to eliminate that pesky itch on my toe. AND I DID!!