Friday, January 29, 2010

The Dirty Thirties

So I have officially left my twenties behind me. I can't believe that I have turned thirty years old. It feels like I have just blinked and here I am; the time has just flown by.

The first thirty years of my life have been a roller coaster; but I would not change one thing about it. I have experienced every emotion in the book and have dealt with more heartache than I wish to talk about. However, with heartache there is also joy!!! I have had a TON of joy in my life which is why I am probably such a giver to others.

I have had the blessing of having a very close family to share all of my triumphs with and have had their unconditional support in all of my endeavors. I have had made many friends and I have made a LIFETIME/BEST friend that has always been there for me and I have no doubt will be apart of my daily life for another thirty years.

I have suffered great loss with the death of my mother when I was only 23 years old; however, I truly believe that heartache and healing period led me to my husband. I have married the most amazing man that really gets me and accepts me for who I am. (and my baggage). From this joy I was able to have my son, Owen King Coleman.

I have reconnected with Christ and have experienced wonderful spiritual growth. I have challenged myself in my career and found a job that brings me complete joy and allows me to be the mommy I have always wanted to be.

People say that turning thirty for girls is a hard milestone to hit. However, I disagree...I embrace turning thirty. Maybe it does not bother me so much since I feel I have everything I could possibly need. My journey to this point has been rocky but if it were for the journey I would not have such a wonderful day in my life to celebrate.

So raise your glass and join my in a toast!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Best Friend-Backyardigan Style

This is Owen's favorite video. Him and Camel Stick use to watch it together all the time. ENJOY!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help me find my bestie!!!

So the unthinkable has occurred. Camel Stick has gone missing. This has brought sorrow into my son's life. How do you explain to a six month old that his best friend will not be with him any more?

We have had some scares in the past that Camel Stick had left the Coleman household but luckily it was just a misunderstanding. You see Camel Stick eats, sleeps, and well you know....with Owen. They are together almost 24/7.

This desperate mother stayed up 3 hours past her bed time in hopes to find a replacement. I knew the chance was slim because prior to Christmas we had learned that this was an item that was no longer available in Dubai. We are still hopeful that he will turn up somewhere/somehow. However, until that happens; Owen has requested that I post the following flyer.

We miss you dear friend....please come home soon!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Owen Sick

So over the past week I have been dealing with a son that has had some REALLY gross stuff coming out of his nose. As much as I use my nose plunger on him; he has learned what it looks like and will fight you till you are blue in the face to avoid having it stuck up there. However, I have learned if you sing in a funny voice...booger booger booger boy...he laughs usually.

Luckily, there has been no fever associated with this illness (coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and green snot) which leads me to believe it is an old fashion cold/sinus infection. Now even though Owen has been under the weather...he still laughs and smiles at everything going on around him. (not to mention the "fake" cough he has learned to do for attention)

Today Owen is spending the day with his daddy. Probably going to North Park Mall to people watch; which is a weekly ritual for the two of them. If you have not officially met Owen you hopefully will soon. Owen has been blessed with a very special gift. He has the power of brightening up anyone's day no matter how crappy it has been. This is because he has the BEST smile ever and if you get him laughing WATCH OUT you will be laughing too!!

This morning Daddy was checking Owen out in the rear view mirror in hopes of a smile as they headed out for their day. INSTEAD of a smile he got the wonderful image of a kid with a snot bubble the size of a strawberry. So he felt before he wiped his son's nose...we all needed to have the opportunity to see this wonderful momement that they shared. Even though it was not a was enough to bring laughter to Clay:)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is it a Scoot or a Crawl

Well I am going with Scooting. Owen has slowly mastered to make complete circles when on his tummy time. He just inches himself around his play mat until he has turned completely around. It is so cute to watch as he gets so frustrated during the process. Here is a video of him trying to get going on a scoot. I hope to catch him in a full scoot soon. However, videoing him making a full circle would be like having dinner at the top of the Reunion Tower Ball....FOREVER!!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year Resolutions

So it is 2010 and I am 6 months old. This is such an exciting time. It just seems like yesterday when I saw my mommy's face for the first time. Well mommy and daddy told me that they always set goals for each New Year and I thought I should join in.

So I began my thought process about what i would like to set as a goal for myself in 2010. I had already met my growth goals so I could not use that.

18 lbs 4oz (70%)
26 3/4 inches (75%)

So I had to set some other goals....Aha...I KNOW!!!

Call my family more often on the phone and tell them I love them

Boost my intellect by reading more books

Play more with my toys to enhance my development

These goals sound perfect to me:) :) Watch out 2010...Here I come!!

Christmas FINALLY

So I am a bit behind on getting my Christmas blog done. We had a wonderful Christmas and it was so awesome to have Owen in our lives this year to celebrate. He was definetly the best gift that God could have given us. Of course he was spoiled rotten by all his family and friends...THANK YOU ALL!!! here are some pictures from the holiday.

Friday, January 8, 2010


A.K.A screaming in the middle of the night non stop in pain while mother's heart is breaking. I understand that our children have to go through the teething process but does it have to be so darn painful. Every night I put Owen down to bed around 9pm with Oral gel on his gums and a small dose of Tylenol with the hopes he will sleep peacefully. Then within two hours I hear my young boy SCREAMING. Not just a simple cry but a blood curdling scream that could wake the dead (but obviously not the husband.hehehe)

I rush in to comfort him and yet he still looks to be asleep. His eyes are closed and camel stick is tucked peacefully under his arm and his is sleeping on his left side. (this is a new thing) Yet he is still crying/screaming. Do I pick him up and comfort him and risk waking him up or do I let him cry through the pain. These are questions I ask myself every night as I lay in my bed WIDE EYED with no sleep. Am I doing all the right things? Will this torture ever end? Finally, I can't take it anymore and at 4:45-5:30am I bring him into bed with me and sing him lullabies.

Owen will be 6 months old tomorrow (AHHH!!!) and already he has 2 teeth on the bottom (4.5 months)and 2 big gappy teeth about to cut through on the top middle. His whole appearance is about to change and it just amazes that he is experiencing all this already. Aren't they suppose to be alot older? Here is a chart that shows normal kids versus my son:)

So this morning, half awake, I raise my cup of java to PRAISE to all the moms that are going through the teething stage, losing sleep, heart is breaking, and wishing you could be with your child 24/7 to comfort him/her.

Once Owen has officially cut his two new buck teeth; I will post some great pictures:) (I have a new camera in route as we speak)