Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today was the big day that I was going over to Ms. Taylor's house to ask her to be my girlfriend. I have anxiously been waiting to be able to give her the special gift that I got her to express my devoted love.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous about asking her to be my valentine because I have yet to experience what rejection would be like. Mommy told me that their is always a possibility that a girl will not like you back and share the same feelings. However, you have to be willing to put your heart out there to find your true love. (Taylor is TOTALLY worth the risk)

So mommy helped me get dressed in my fancy onsie...I had to be dressed to impress. We wrapped up Ms. Taylor's present in a red valentine's bag that mommy helped me pick out. She told me that girls love hearts and all that mushy stuff.

Here is how the afternoon went:

Here I am nervous, dressed to impress, and Taylor's gift

This is Taylor...isn't she AWESOME!!!

She likes the Monkey!!! SCORE!!! goes..."Taylor will you be my girlfriend" (i am sweating like a pig)

DRUM ROLL PLEASE....................


To all my fans...Happy Valentine's Day!
True Love does exist-I am one lucky guy

Friday, February 12, 2010

The ground is all white...what the heck

Yesterday morning while I was laying in my crib I could hear mommy and daddy saying something about the ground being covered. I thought to myself...covered with what? So I laid there waiting and hoping to learn about what they were talking about. (HELLO...someone come and get me out of this crib...I have a wet diaper.)

Finally, mommy came into the room and scooped me up. I love that part in the morning when I see mommy for the first time. She looks all funny and her hair is crazy looking. It always make me laugh. --you better not tell her I said that.

Mommy began changing my diaper and telling me how we were going outside to play for a bit and take pictures. I thought this was odd because we usually don't go outside until later in the day. Mommy said that our yard was covered in snow and that this does not happen very often in Texas so we have to get out and play in it while we can.

The next thing I knew I was in a onsie, sweater, pants, socks, shoes, hat, and socks on my hands. I am thinking to myself is this snow a health hazard...I mean why am I covered up so much. I was beginning to get worried.

Then mommy took me to the front door and I saw this:

It was so pretty I could not wait to get out and crawl all in it. I then understood why we were covered from head to to also...IT IS COLD!!!So mommy and I began our adventure out in the snow and I must say I am a fan!!!

Not going to lie...still a little uneasy about this snow stuff
Me and my new friend "the abomiable snowman"


Mommy...I am a SNOW ANGEL!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snail Mail

Yesterday mommy was making a lot of cards that had hearts all over them. I looked at her with a curious glance and she explained to me that these were for a holiday called Valentine's Day.

Mommy said it is a day of pink and red with lots of hearts, kisses, and hugs. She then explained to me that we make the cards and send them via snail mail to our family to tell them we love them. (I learned snail mail means without the use of a computer) She then starting talking on and on about how one day when I get bigger we can make cards together. I thought UM..NO; I am a guy and I don't see myself making cards.

Then something happened that changed my outlook on card making...I got a piece of snail mail. I wondered if it was like the ones mommy was making for Valentine's Day. Mommy said someone must have wanted me to know how much they love me.

I told mommy I want to make Taylor (my girlfriend to be) a card and send it to her by snail mail.

Stupid envelope....what it is sealed with like super glue?

Almost got it...



Thanks Grandpa and Nanny Jean...I LOVE YOU TOO!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ball or BaBA

Today I was really showing out for mommy while we were playing ball. I just love playing ball with mommy because she always lets me win. Mommy was really impressed with the way I could say ball during our play time that she decided it was necessary to tape it and share with my fans. I think it is true what they say that you look 10lbs heavier on camera:)

Monday, February 8, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons....

Mommy said that when life gives you lemons you are suppose to make lemonade. I am not really sure what that means but she said as I get older I will learn the true meaning behind that saying.

All I know about lemons at this point is that they are very tart. Mommy and daddy seem to think that it is funny making me suck on lemons. All I want to say to them is SUCK THIS (just kidding mommy; I love you)

So I am venting about this because on Saturday night we got to have a belated birthday dinner for mommy with my Grandpa and Nanny Jean. We went to this place that serves food out of the water. It all looked really weird to me and smelt funny but all the adults kept saying how good their food was.

Here are some pictures of the family from dinner:

Mommy, Daddy, & ME!!
Grandpa, Nanny Jean, & ME!!

Okay so back to my venting. Here we are at dinner and my parents thought it was so funny to keep shoving this tart yellow thing into my mouth. They also thought it would be funny to take pictures of the ordeal.




So to all the other moms reading my blog...don't do this to your kids...we do not like it!! We will NEVER like it. It reminds me of the Dr. Suess story...Green Eggs & Ham. I think it sums up my emotions:

I do not like Green Eggs & Ham (Lemons)
I do not like them Sam I AM (mommy and daddy)
I do not like them here or there (at the restuarant that smells funny)
I do not like them anywhere (ENOUGH SAID)

Friday, February 5, 2010

I think I am in love!!!

Today mommy took me over to Mrs. Amy's house. Mrs. Amy is a Tri Delta like mommy and lives in our neighborhood. She has a baby girl that is about 4 months older than I am. I think that Taylor is the the bees knees. We had met a few months back but I was still young and immature and I don't think she was interested. Now that I am older (7 months on Monday) I wanted to really impress her. I asked mommy if I could take some of my favorite toys with us to play with.

Mrs. Amy told Taylor that I LOVE kitty cats and so she asked her mommy if she could wear her pink cat sweater just for me. (it must be love) It made me feel really special. We laughed and played for about an hour. She can already stand up so mommy would hold me up so that I could stand beside her. She really liked that.

I think that we are going to see Taylor again next week and I can't wait. I am going to take her something sweet for Valentines Day and ask her to be my girlfriend. I hope she will say yes.

Here are some photos of Taylor and me...isn't she just beautiful!!

This is us playing with my favorite toy. Our hands are almost touching....EEEH!!!

See the kitty cat heart swooned

Look at her checking me out!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby Max is Here!!!

Today mommy and I went to visit her long time friend Melissa. Melissa just had a baby boy...LIKE ME...on Monday. Mommy said that Max came out of Melissa's tummy and that Melissa would would be in the hospital all week.

I remember going to see Melissa little while back and Melissa had a big round tummy and Mommy said that was Max. I was a bit confused though because it did not look like a baby to me. It had to be him though because there were so many toys and gifts just for him. I even dressed up and wore my onsie with a tie on it. I was dressed to impressed my new friend to be.

We started our journey out to Denton with suprise for Max. Mommy said to make a really good first impression you should take something for Max. So I picked out some really cool outfits and books. (not going to lie, kind of wanted to keep the books)

When we got to the hospital room there was Max...he was soo tiny. Mommy said I was that size too at one time. She said that Max was born weighing 6lbs 6oz. So we had to be very careful when we got close to Max. Mommy would not let me hold him, she said I am too young. HELLO...I WILL BE 7 MONTHS ON MONDAY!!!

I can't wait for Max to get settled at home so we can go and play at his house. I think him and I are going to be good buds. Here are some pics of my new friend:)

He has more hair than I do...LUCKY!!!

Congratulations Melissa & Mike!! We are so happy for you and your new bundle of joy Max!