Friday, June 25, 2010

I love you Daddy

So this past weekend was Father's Day. Mommy said this is a day that we celebrate men that have children because that means they are dads. I have a dad; so I was really excited to learn that we were having a party at my house.

Mommy and Daddy invited over my PaPa & G, Papa George, Nana, & Uncle Paul. We had hot dogs and yummy cookies. It was so good to have everyone together and it was even better to be able to show my daddy how much I love him.

Mommy, Daddy, and I decided to get Papa George a McArch card because he loves going to McDonalds. I do too...I just love that clown and those meals that make me happy. YUM YUM

Mommy, Daddy, and I decided to get my Papa a picture of me and him from the ball game a few weeks ago. HE LOVED IT!!!

For Daddy-I got him lots of stuff. You see Daddy and I have every Tuesday together and it is our special time. However, Daddy does not have all the same stuff in his diaper bag like mommy I thought I would help him out. I got him some disposable place mats for our meals together, a pacifier clip so we don't lose it all the time, some wipes for my back side, and I figured after a long day with me he might need a treat; so I got him so dark chocolates. The main gift I got my daddy was a book just for him and me so he can read to me when I go to bed. I love my daddy!!!

And let's not forget my Uncle Paul. I did not get him a gift because he does not have a baby; but I do love him so much and he is the best uncle!! Here is a picture of him doing what he loves...playing music. He is a ROCKSTAR...I look up to him because I am going to be a ROCKSTAR too!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am a social butterfly

Today was the best day yet of the summer. I got invited to not just one birthday party...but TWO. Yeah, you read that right...I was Mr. Popularity today. I got invited to my friend Izzy's 1st birthday party and also to my friend Tyson's 1st birthday party.

Izzy's party was so much fun. It was at a swimming pool. Izzy's mom, Czarina had all kinds of food. I got to have a grape capri sun. Even Aunt Cassidy came to the party. Don't worry...mommy made me wear my sunscreen, a hate, and I had to wait 45 minutes to swim after eating a meal. HEHEHE

Mommy HATES this picture...however, I look good.

This is Izzy's cake...a bit girly for me:)

This is Izzy eating her birthday that looks good.

Check me out...I am a star!

Me and Aunt Cassidy

After Izzy's party...mommy and I had some time to kill. So we decided to go see Grandpa and Nanny Jean. They also have a pool. So I got to get into my own floaty raft and just enjoy some of the sunshine and take my afternoon nap before my next shindig.

Around 5pm; we made it over to my friend Tyson's birthday party. Tyson's mom and my mom have been friends since they were five years old. Just a few years older than I am now. Tyson had a Monkey themed party; which I thought was pretty cool. We bought Tyson a toy train that makes all kind of cool noises. I wanted to keep it for myself; but Yo Gabba Gabba has been teaching me to share.

I love Monkeys too!

Mommy, Ara, Tyson, & Me

DUDE-Tyson you have something on your face

Tyson, Me, & Tyson's daddy

Good Night to an AWESOME DAY!!! I can't wait for my birthday in just a few weeks.

The Circus Is Coming

Did you know that there is this big event that comes to town every year with animals, funny men, pretty girls, and a ring master. It is called a CIRCUS.
Mommy said she used to go to the circus every year when she was a little girl and one time her and Uncle Paul even rode in a parade on an elephant. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT!!!

So today mommy and me went to see a clown. Not just any clown...but a clown from the World Famous Circus...Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey.

So we called our neighbors; Tracy (the mom), Aubrey (4.5), and Charlotte (2) to meet us there. I was excited because mommy said that clowns do all kinds of tricks; like pull rabbits out of things and ride itty bitty bikes. I SOOO want to see that.

So we got packed up and headed to the mall where the clown was doing his act. I was so excited and hoped we would get front row seats. Thanks to Ms. Tracy being on time, unlike mommy and me, we had some really good seats right up near the clown. Here are some pictures from this wonderful adventure. ENJOY!!!

Anxiously, waiting...this clown better hurry up

This is Aubrey!!!

Hey Boys & Girls

Baby Got Back!!

How does he do that?

This was such a fun day...I can't wait to grow up and be able to go to the actual circus.

Monday, June 14, 2010

So Many things...where to begin

So it has been awhile since Mommy has let me on the computer. We have just been so busy with all kinds of activities. I can't believe that it is already summer and I am also about to be 1 years old. Crazy!!!

So the last weekend of May was full of fun and adventure. Mommy, Nanna, Papa George, and my great grandpa took me to my first baseball game. It was so much fun!!! There are not too many little boys that get to tell their friends that they went to the ballpark with their great grandpa. It was a very special time.

This is me and my Great Grandpa!!!

Here I am at the game with my very won Rough Rider Sticker!!

This is the whole gang (well mommy was taking the picture)

I was so tired at the end of the game...but I got a souvenir.

The next morning after the game we got up to head to Austin for a family vacation. This is the first time that I got to stay in a hotel. It was so cool. You can close the windows to where the room is pitch black even in the middle of the day!!! This makes for the best nap times.

We got to see my Aunt Shana while we were there. She said I was getting so big. Here are some pics from the trip.

Here is a picture of me at Guerros--best Mexican food in town!

Here is a picture of Aunt Shana and I

We got home from Austin safe and sound! When we got home I also got to go swimming for the very first time ever. It was so cool...I was not even scared. Mommy and I went underwater together (just for a second) and I thought it was so funny. Next time I go to the pool I will make sure mommy takes some pictures!

The very next weekend after Austin was Aunt Cassidy and Nathan's wedding. TEAM LAKOTA The day had finally come to see her all dressed up like a princess. Here are some pictures of the most beautiful bride ever and our friends!!

Cassidy & Nathan cutting the cake

My friend Myles

Mommy and Alicia

Mommy and her three amigos (amigos is friend in spanish--I learned that on Dora the Explorer)

So we are just into the second week of June and I have a calendar full of fun stuff....dates with Taylor, hanging out with my neighbors, going swimming, birthday parties and much much more.

I will update again soon!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!