Monday, July 12, 2010

My Birthday Rocked!!

So this past weekend Mommy and Daddy threw me a ROCKING party--Because I am ONE YEARS OLD!!! For one day I was the Birthday Prince

...but mommy said I am her prince everyday and her ROCKSTAR!!

We had all our family and close friends come over to the house for a few hours to eat hot dogs, hamburgers, and celebrate ME!

Even my girlfriend, Miss Taylor, came to see me.

Mommy made me a very special guitar cake and also a skull and cross bone cake. She knows exactly what I like.

Everyone that came was so sweet and brought me a present. I did not know you actually get stuff for the day you were born. Okay..this is now my FAVORITE day of the year. Check out some of my new toys: big leggos, radio flyer wagon, puzzles, clothes, and activity sets.

Mommy even let me wear a tattoo on my arm. I felt like such a cool guy. Mommy let me give all my friends goody bags that had tattoos, skateboards, musical toys, glow sticks, and much more.

I am so appreciative of everyone that came to celebrate. I love you!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Amazing Journey

Dear Owen,

I can't believe that in a few hours you will be one years old. I still remember so vividly standing on the front porch watching a hail storm hit our neighborhood and laughing with Clay that it would just be horrible if we had to try to get to the hospital in this weather. Then all of a sudden our laughter turned to water broke. I had no idea that at that very moment my life would never be the same.

I have been so blessed by your presence since you arrive on July 9, 2009 just after midnight. It was definitely a journey getting you here and so worth the wait. I have enjoyed watching you grow from day one when your hand was so tiny wrapped around your Daddy's finger.

You have amazed daddy and I both with your constant smile on your face, the laughter you will spill out at any given time, and the curiosity you exhibit when you are exploring new things around the house.

From learning to hold your head up, roll over, crawl, and most recently...taking a few steps; you never seize to amaze me on what you will accomplish next. You are truly my little ROCK STAR and I can't wait to celebrate this big day with my little booger bear!

I love you my precious son and I want you to know that you have made my life one trillion time better than it could have ever been without you.