Monday, August 9, 2010

Uh Oh..Spaghetti Ohhhh

I love spaghetti. It is so fun to eat. I love the way it squishes between my fingers when I pick it up. I love the sound it makes when I smash it on my high chair tray.

I love how I can paint my face red/orange with the color of the sauce. It makes me feel like such a clown.

I think it is funny how sometimes the pasta will stick to my face.

I DON'T like when my tray is almost empty and all of the spaghettis have gone bye bye.

So then I put on my best face for mommy or daddy to see if they will feel sorry for me and give me more spaghetti.

Then when they finally give in...I am so happy again eating my spaghetti.

And all is good in the world again.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So mommy has been super busy and today is the first day that she and I have been able to sit down and tell about my adventures to Arkansas. Mommy and Daddy wanted to take me to meet all of the family in Mountain Home and meet my Grandma Treva. It may be one of the best weekends of my life. On our way to Mountain Home we had to stop first so that I could see Aunt Karen, Uncle Andy, and Miss Erika. These are some of Mommy's bestest friends. Aunt Karen knew my grandma Treva when she was just in 7th grade. They were best friends for many many years. Now Mommy and Karen have become best friends and they love telling me stories about my grandma Treva. Plus, they are SUPER FUNNY when you get the two of them together. I laughed so hard; I KNOW I wet my diaper more than once. After we left Little Rock (that took us 5 hours to get to) we still had a 3 hour drive to Mountain Home. It was like being on a roller coaster ride. The road just turned, twisted, dipped, and climbed. Thank goodness I was in the back seat; it was not as bad. I could hear Mommy telling Daddy that she was not feeling too good. I think if I had anything heavy in my tummy...I would have puked.

On our way there, Daddy decided he wanted to stop at the Natural Bridge. If you ask me...BORING! However, Mommy and I decided to support this decision and we agreed to take this short detour. This is a state ran nature park; so it is not really anything too fancy. They did however, decorate the area to match the time period of what settlers may have been doing. Daddy took a picture of me at the covered wagon. Oh, I forgot to tell you we had to walk in the SUPER HOT HUMID air to get to this bridge and on our way back to the car...I got bit by a mosquito right between my eyes. Man that made me look like a HUGE dork.

Once we left the oh so awesome Natural Bridge we were finally going to head on into Mountain Home. I could not wait. Mommy has been telling me all about my family up there. We were going to stay at Aunt Sheila's & Uncle Paul's. They have a downstairs apartment that is BIGGER than our house. It was AWESOME!!! They also have a swimming pool!! Check me out in my cool swim gear!

Aunt Sheila is Grandma Treva's cousin. She is so much fun and super nice. She makes the best Key Lime Pie and chocolate cake. I LOVE HER!!!

We also went to visit Earl & Vernice. Earl is my GG's brother. I got to spend about an hour with them just playing. They had some cool toys at their house that I had a blast with.

You will notice that in all of my pictures that DANG mosquito bite is all kinds of flared up. D to the ORK!!

While we were in Mountain Home we also went to visit Grandma Treva. This was the most important part of the trip. Mommy and Daddy tell me all the time how Grandma is looking down on me everyday. Mommy says she sees so much of her in me. From what I have grandma was pretty cool; so I am honored. Mommy said that Grandma doesn't really live in the ground where we visited her, but that is where you go when you want to visit the where she is resting. She said Grandma actually lives in the sky. (I can't wait to go on a plane and try to find her in the clouds)

It was hard to leave Mountain Home because we really did just have the best time with all of our family. I already miss you all!!When we left Mountain Home we decide to go through Fayetteville, AR. This is where the University of Arkansas is and also where my great grandpa got his undergraduate and graduate degree. Mommy took me to a place on the campus where my grandpa has his name carved in the ground. My grandpa is FAMOUS!!! (LOOK FOR THE X)

It was a long and very fullfilling journey. I can't wait to go back and see all of my family again. Here is a map to show where all we went.