Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am 18 months....and loving it!!!

Well first let me start this off with the fact that I have not been very loyal to my fans this past month or so. You see now that I am a big boy; the holiday season is much more intense and exciting. Before I knew it, we were already in the New Year. So here is a bit of a back story from my 2010 Christmas experience.

I got some awesome toys, lots of cool clothes, got to see alot of my family and friends, and o yeah...I got RSV. I was sick for most of the month and it was miserable. Thank goodness for my Granny Pam and Dr. J-they made me all better.

I was determined to get all better because a big day was on the horizon in the New Year. I turned 18 months. I feel like I am a whole new person and can accomplish anything because I am such a big boy now.

Did you know that I weigh 25.8lbs, am 32" tall, have a 19" head circumference, wear a size 5 shoe, wear all 18 months clothes-rocker inspired, of course, wear size 4 diapers, and have all my teeth. Dr. J said I am right on schedule for my age. (Mommy was very proud)

Now that I have reached this milestone I thought that I would share some of my favorite things with you that I am enjoying at this wonderful age:

My favorite food right now is Crustables (PB&J)

It is messy though

but oh so yummy...mmm just lick those fingers!

I love taking baths and being able to run around the house with my hood towel on my head butt naked.

Mommy would not let me post a naked picture of myself.

I love playing right before I go to bed because it stimulates my imagination and man...those dreams to follow.

I also love my curly curly hair. I think it is soo cool and makes me unique from my peers. It might be my signature piece when I become a rock star!

These are just a few of my favorite things; there are so many to choose from. Stay tuned and I promise that I will be better on keeping you guys up-to-date on my awesome life.