Monday, February 14, 2011

Owen's HOT Valentines!!!

Today is a day that we are suppose to let people know how much we love and appreciate them. Well I LOVE TAYLOR!!! So today I asked her to come on a lunch date with me. (and our mommies of course). Mommy took me to the store so I can get Taylor some tokens of my affection. I chose a super cute monkey (her favorite animal) and a small box of chocolate. Mommy had said once that chocolate is one of a girl's favorite things. Here I am on my way to meet her for lunch.

We agreed upon meeting at Benny's Bagels near both of our homes. It was such a beautiful day that we opted to also sit outside.

The gentleman that I am; I offered Taylor the highchair and I sat in the BIG BOY chair. I wanted to show her that even though I may be younger in age; I was the man she needed in her life.

She showed me that she loved me too by giving me this sweet message that I could put on my door to be reminded of her love everyday. It says, " I CHOO CHOO CHOOSE YOU!!"


Friday, February 4, 2011

SNOW DAYor should I say SNOW WEEK

Mommy, daddy, and I have been stuck at home all week. There is all this ice on the ground and mommy said we can't go anywhere because it is dangerous. To me it just looks pretty; how could that be dangerous.

Needless to say I am even starting to get cabin fever. There are only so many toys and shows a young boy can watch before boredom does kick in. Mommy tried to teach me how to color; but I could not master holding that crayon. I did however, master carrying three around in my hand. HA!

Well this morning we woke up to another snow day but this time it REALLY WAS SNOW!!! Mommy said we got about half a foot of snow. I kept thinking...who's foot did we get? I am so confused.

My super cool neighbor made a sled for her little girls and I decided to give it a go. Check me out! (mommy is doing the commentary...DORK)