Monday, April 18, 2011

I go to school!

I started school and it has been a crazy adventure. I am a proud student of PrimRose three days a week. I thought I would just take a moment to tell you all how it is going and share some pictures of me.

On my first day I got to use my backpack that Honey and PawPaw got me. It has my name on it. Cool huh? The school gave me a bag to use but it was not ready for me to take yet. Mommy was getting my name on it. Secretly I was happy because I really wanted to use my backpack from Honey & PawPaw.

I got to wear a cool pair of jeans and a button up shirt on my first day. Mommy said I needed to dressup a bit and we could wear my rocker clothes on my second day.

Check out all of my cool classmates. I have already made lots of friends. They are all very nice and super smart. They know sign language and all these really cool songs. They can name things that our teacher holds up for us to look at each day. I hope to become as smart as them.

On my very first day of school we did an arts and crafts project. We got to paint fishes. I think mine is truly a work of art. Mommy said she would hang it up in my room.

By the end of my first day I was worn out and snotty nosed. Mommy came to get me thought it would be funny to take my picture. Just remember mommy; pay backs are worse.

This past week at school mommy got to come and visit because they did a parent program to show our mommies and daddies all that we are learning. If you listen closely to this video you will hear me say "juice" my favorite word. (i did not know the words to the song so I could not sing along)

Together mommy and I made a sunflower during arts and crafts. It too will go on my wall.

At the end of the day mommy got a great suprise. She received a note from my teacher that I had a great day. She got a "Happy Gram".

So even though my first day ended a bit rocky...I am a very happy student and can't wait to see my new friends again.