Friday, July 15, 2011

I am 2 Years Old

Did you know that Ahoy Mates means hello friends? I just learned that this year because I got to have a pirate party for my 2nd birthday. It was so cool. My girlfriend Taylor got me a really cool pirate hat that I got to wear. She really loves me.
Mommy made me some really cool cupcakes that had swords and gold coins on them. YUMMY and then she let me give each of my buckaroos their very own treasure chest for of many surprises. Not only did I get some cool treasures but so did my furry friends at the SPCA of Texas. Mom and dad told me that it is very important that we put others first and I thought who better to put before me than cats and dogs. So I asked all my buckaroos to bring a donation that I could give in turn to the shelter. Here is a video of me delivering all the cool goodies.

Mommy also let me design a really cool thank you note to send to all my guest. Check out my cool work

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