Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Different Kind of Milestone

About a month ago I had an ear infection and was feeling, well poopy. I had to stay home from school for about 3 days and it was not that much fun because I missed all my friends from school. Mommy told me that no matter what I had to go back to school on my 4th day because I was going to have my picture made.

As poopy as I was feeling that did not sound like much fun to me. Considering mommy had a kleenex in my face every few minutes I did not see how I would be presentable for a picture.

So the morning of picture day I opened my eyes as I layed in bed. I assessed the situation of how bad I really felt. Suprisingly I felt great. I guess that all of that liquid junk mommy was shoving down my throat really worked. Mommy came bouncing in that morning and I kept thinking this picture day thing must be a big deal. She had picked out my outfit the night before and was so excited she even made sure they were pressed. Daddy was even involved this day and made sure my hair had just the right amount of gel in it. (Seriously did not know picture day was such a big deal) I heard mommy telling daddy that picture day at school can really make or break a kid as they get older. She was telling them that kids are mean and that they will tease other kids just because they don't have the PERFECT picture. Overhearing that made me sad and I immediately told myself I would never make fun of a kid with a bad picture. However, I also secretly prayed that I did not have a bad picture myself. Who knows if the other kids had made the same vow I just had.

So off to school I went and about a week later.........

My pictures came in and they weren't bad at all. I am already looking forward to next year's picture day. It was really so much fun!