Monday, October 3, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

Sunday morning may have been the best day so far of my life...okay probably not but I was so living in the moment and due to that I am going to say it was!

Mommy took me to the zoo so that I could see all of the animals. I had gone back in March but I was just a kid then. I was not even able to do some of the big kid things. This time was a different story. This time I got to do a lot in the children's zoo...umhum...big boy zoo and see so many wild animals.

I got to feed some wild birds, ride the pony, go on stage for a bird act with my mommy, walk through the Savannah, see a baby giraffe, drive a safari jeep, ride on an elephant, and I rode on a train. Well you will just have to watch this adventure to see what I mean on how AWESOME it truly was! Enjoy