Saturday, July 28, 2012

Guess Who Is Three

I can't believe that just three years ago mommy brought me home to the hospital. Since that time, I have learned how to do many things. From rolling over to running SUPER FAST. I went from doing some sign language to speaking in full sentences. Now I even sleep in my own bed. Crazy how time flies by.

You may recall last year for my birthday we collected good for our local SPCA. That is where my daddy is a dedicated volunteer and they have super cool animals. This year mommy picked a cool charity for me to learn about while celebrating my birthday. She chose St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Mommy has been a big supporter of this organization since her sorority partnered with them in 1999. It was really cool to know that I could help save another kids life. No child should have to suffer from cancer and I am so glad that I have such great friends and family to help support the cause with me.

Mommy made a party for me that included one of my favorite shows that I watch-Thomas The Train. With the theme "All Aboard For The Fight Against Children's Cancer" I was able to not only see my friends, have some cool trains, but also raise monies for a this amazing cause.

I am proud to say that together we not only did we celebrate my milestone of turning three but we raised aproximately $250 to donate to the hospital. For the first time in the three short years of my life I am actually speechless.

Blowing out my Thomas The Train Birthday Cake Candle
Evidence that mommy's cake was YUMMY