Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Pressure of A Halloween Costume

So it is that time of year again where mommy tells me I can dress up and go knocking on doors to ask for candy. That's So Cool!! So I started to really think long and hard of who I wanted to be for Halloween. Do I want to go as someone that I feel I look like. Here is one of my favorite self portraits:

Upon analyzing my good looks here I thought of three people I feel could be my doppelgangers. Bob Ross, kid flying a plane & Napoleon Dynamite. Do you see the similarities or am I way off base here?

Then I also started thinking do I want to go as someone that I view as a hero, an icon of what I inspire to be. I am a huge A&M fan because of my daddy and I love to sport my gear whenever I can. Whenever we are together on a Saturday I watch the game with Daddy or mommy and I will watch it and try to find Daddy on TV when he travels out of town. (so far no luck spotting him in the crowd). During the games I always see these really cool looking guys that mommy says are chosen by their fellow students on campus. (which means they must be cool) She calls them Yell Leaders. So without a doubt....I know I found what I want to be. So tune in after Halloween to see Owen King Coleman as an official Texas A&M Yell Leader.....